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Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing Windows 10

Hi all, I've been reading tonnes of threads here trying to solve my problems (which seem to keep getting worse) to no avail. I'm reaching out to anyone that can suggest some help before I end up bricking my yoga by accident or running it over on purpose. I'll give you a timeline of the events.


The machine in question is a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 12.5" 20CD-0032US

Intel Core i5 4200U 1.60GHz Processor

4GB Ram


Windows 8.1 64 Bit preloaded (recently upgraded to Windows 10)


So the saga begun just a short two days ago. I had some spare time at home and decided to download and install my free upgrade to Windows 10. I backed up all of my important documents etc to OneDrive as I intended on performing a clean install. Said clean install went flawlessly with Windows 10 installing the first time with no issues or errors.


Since I had performed a clean install, all my previous apps, including the stock Lenovo apps, had been deleted. I had anticipated this and only really desired to reinstall the app that automatically adjusts the screen orientation when folding the cover back. So in an effort to find this app and any Windows 10 related updates that may be available I went to and used the handy Lenovo Bridge app to automatically detect my hardware and suggest relevant updates.


While combing through the suggested software I noticed a BIOS update that noted added support for Windows 10. How great, I thought, that Lenovo would have a BIOS update ready so quickly once 10 became ready for mass consumption. I went ahead and downloaded the exe version (not the bootable CD due to the lack of CD drive on the Yoga) and ran the BIOS update. As I ran the update the laptop was plugged in, and no errors were presented, a success message appeared and indicated a reboot was necessary, after a couple seconds the system rebooted itself.


Enter nightmare level 1. As soon as the system rebooted, I fired up IE about to look for more updates and......BSOD stating that there was and issue with a driver, after another reboot BSOD again with a completely different file name stating driver file missing or corrupt. Sorry I didn't write any of the file names or errors down.


At this point I'm thinking that something is not jiving here between the BIOS and OS. So I tried running repair, and recovery and each time I would end up with a BSOD of some design. It was at this point I made a USB with the Windows 10 x64 ISO from Microsoft in an attempt to run the repair utilities from the USB. Again to no avail.


Enter nightmare level 2 After attempting multiple tries at recovering Windows 10 and getting multiple BSOD's through the process I decided to use my Windows 10 USB to simply reformat my hard drive to eliminate any traces of my now apparently corrupt OS and do a fresh install of Windows 10. This appears to have been a significant error on my part. Now I have no OS (BIOS is still intact so at least I think I have a not-bricked motherboard) and everytime I try to boot Windows 10, or 8.1 for that matter, from a brand new USB stick I get constant BSOD's.Sometimes I get as far as the Preparing installation files 22% but am interrupted by a BSOD error at some point.


So I am pleading for some help here. To me it seems like the BIOS update was the issue. I was not smart enough to have checked the BIOS version before updating so that I would know what to roll back to safely. What would you all recommend for a rollback and how do I go about doing one with no OS on the machine.


I know I'm asking for a tl;dr here but appreciate any advice offered. I really dont want to get to nightmare level 3, which I guess would be a bricked laptop and a bill for a new motherboard or laptop.


The BIOS I currently have is GQET45WW (1.25)





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Re: Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing Windows 10

I'd try to re-update the BIOS using the same version, but from a flash drive instead of from within Windows. Maybe something went wrong with it (updater doesn't properly support Windows 10?).

There's a few ways to put the bootable BIOS update ISO onto a flash drive, but there's a guide for one here:

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Re: Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing Windows 10

Thanks for the reply ColonelONeill, 

It turns out that Lenovo uses an obscure PERL disk image called "eltorito". As such the directions in the link you provided did not work as most common tools (WinZip, 7zip, and WinRAR) cannot extract the image file from an eltorito iso file. 


I instead just bucked up for a $50.00 Asus USB CD drive and burned the iso for version 1.25 and 1.24 onto discs. I then disabled the setting in the BIOS that prevents rolling back to a previous version and flashed to 1.24 from the disc. While this appeared to go successfully, as soon as I tried to boot from my Windows 8.1 CD I start receiving BSOD's again during installation.


I then used the CD with 1.25 to go back to where I was in case it was simply a bad BIOS update at the time.


Most of the BSOD's are driver related (qlfcoei.sys) which I don't understand since there is no OS other than what is on the bootable CD (or USB I've tried both)


Is there anyone with a stable install of Win 8.1 x64 or 10 x64 running on a 20CD0032US that can tell me what version of BIOS they are running? My next step is to go back to a version that someone else can verify is working.


Thanks again for any help.

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Re: Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing Windows 10

I realize this was a while ago, but seems I have briked my Yoga Thinkpad after running the BIOS update as well.

Model :20CD-00B1US


Did you ever get it working again ? Any tips ?
This is driving me insane, as my main production latop, and have wasted countless hours trying to get it back up.

Any tips would be so greatly appreciated !



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Re: Thinkpad Yoga BIOS Update Problem after installing Windows 10

Hey nsiggel,

As my story goes not a great ending. I ended up paying a pro to diagnose the problem. Bad memory. Not sure if it is possible for this to happen from updating the BIOS. 


Nonetheless, since the memory is soldered onto the board along with the CPU, this would have been more expensive to repair than to replace. And wouldn't you know just a month past the year warranty.


The only silver lining was that the Visa I purchased the laptop with gave an additional year warranty so the reimbursed the cost of the laptop.


Sorry I don't have a better result to share!


Best of luck



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