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Fanfold Paper
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Thinkpad Yoga Clicky Touchpad

Hi all,


Amongst its main problem of the screen retentions my Yoga has a really annoying problem of when you are using the touchpad and use a single tap to click, the touchpad makes a hollow clicky noise. It's difficult to explain but inexplicably annoying...........if you press it down hard and engage the left click button it may disappear for a while but soon comes back......Anyone else suffer from this? Seem to notice it more when keyboard vertical E.g when using in bed......





Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga Clicky Touchpad

Mine was the same since new.. Just fixed it and its really simple.


Unscrew the back & carefully remove,

Unplug and remove the battery (5? screws careful not to overtighten on reassemly, plastic holes are weak)

Unscrew and remove the touchpad (6 screws)

Get some alcohol (IPA) (Isopropanol Alchohol, not Indian Pale Ale) on a cotton bud and wipe the sticky adhesive that has crept out from underneath the 2 tiny black plastic pads that are stuck to the stainless steel metalwork (on the touch pad). 


Ironically, i suspect these pads are there to stop the sheet metal from "clacking" against the case metalwork casting when you let go of the TP, unfortunately the adhesive has leached round to the front of the pad and makes a nasty smacking noise everytime you put the lightest of pressure ont he TP.


picture some goop between your thumb and forfinger and the noise it makes when you try and separate them.


hope this helps, it was driving me bonkers.


Just seen how old this thread is, mines yoga 900, brand new.


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