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Thinkpad Yoga: Is it worth it and Digitizer?

Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a laptop for university (studying engineering). I would like something that is durable, and powerful. Thats why I am looking into getting the Thinkpad Yoga. I love the convertable and compact feel, as well as the SSD that I will be getting with it. 


However, another reason why I wanted to get it is because of the 'Active Digitzer'. I didn't even know what this was called since a week ago, and I still cant seem to understand what this feature will allow me to do? How does the Digitzer benefit me? Especially when I compare it to the Yoga Pro 2 (even tough that also has a touchscreen). Am I unable to draw on a YP2? Would I not be able to draw on the screen? I want to use it mainly when I use Adobe Illutrator.


Is the Digitzer option worth the extra money I have to pay? With that feature added on, I will be paying almost $2000 :s 

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Re: Thinkpad Yoga: Is it worth it and Digitizer?

Hi there:


I have been using X230T, a predessor of Thinkpad Yoga. X230T also comes with a digitizer. I bought X23)T also for a reason: I can take note during class. I am not an engineer but a finance student.


1. You might want an Active Digitizer because it allows you to write on-screen. Use Microsoft One Note. Your computer can replace your pen and paper.

2. You can still draw on YP2. But what do you feel when you use your finger, say your pointer, as a pen Smiley Very Happy YP2 does not have a digitizer pen. 

3. The pen I believe is included. You do not have to pay extra unless you want to have a spare one. 

4. I think Lenovo Thinkpad has lost its quality legacy from IBM. I do not like the new layout of the keyboard (I like the trackpoint but the moust click now share with the trackpad. It is just ridiculous. You cannot have an accurate click with it (for me))

5. Just look at the Microsoft new Surface pro 3. You might like it! If the next time I upgrade my computer, I would by a Surface pro instead of the Thinkpad.





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Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga: Is it worth it and Digitizer?

The active digitiser has pressure sensitivity and is higher resolution, so it can allow you draw detailed sketches, this benefit does not extend to the capacitive digitiser that the touchscreen Y2P uses.

If you are using illustrator, then you must get the active digitiser version. There is a reason why professional digital artist spend money on expensive wacom tablets for illustrator work.

This is an example of what you can achieve using an active digitiser and illustrator.

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga: Is it worth it and Digitizer?

Yes. I fogot to mention the pressure senstivity. Thinkpad uses wacom pen with 1024 levels pressure senstivity (correct me if I am wrong). 


You can have capacitive stylus for your YP2 (it is as big as your finger Smiley Very Happy). But it does not have pressure sensitivity.


By the way, Thinkpad is a business laptop. Lenovo has special warranty for it. I am so far very satisfied with lenovo's warranty.



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