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Thinkpad Yoga S1 sensor problem



Let me first explain what has been the path with my S1 for you to better understand the issue.

At first i had ghosting problem and i decided to replace the screen, at the same time the notebook began to show some more problems, it would not boot at all some times until it went dead. At that point i decided to change the motherboard also. My model originally came with i7-4500, but i decided to get a motherboard with i5-4200.

So now i have both changed the screen and the motherboard. Luckily the notebook is working now and seems all fine except the autorotation. I have done some reading and i know that it might be some issue with windows 10, but my concern is that it might be a hardware problem also related to the motherboard and lcd change. In Device manager i see the HID sensor collection v2 installed correctly but its not working. Also i noticed that when i change to tablet mode the touchpad does not disable, and i wonder if that might be a sensor issue too.

So my main question is where is the sensor responsible for the autorotaion located?? i have a doubt if it is the p-sensor located under the battery but im not sure.

What do tou guys think, should i investigate further in the software side or it might be hardware problem??



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