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Thinkpad Yoga S1 touchpad and trackpoint completely unresponsive and backlit keyboard doesn't work.

2017-05-12, 12:43 PM

I was having responsiveness issues with the trackpad for a while, then, i open my laptop one day and it's completely unresponsive, as well has the backlit keyboard not working (the hotkey still pops up that it's "lighting up" the keyboard, but no actual lights) and the trackpoint being completely unresponsive too.


I've tried:

- Restarting computer

- Using Lenovo's various "fixing" softwares

- Looking for a keyboard firmware shortcut for enabling/disabling trackpad, (doesn't exist on this computer)

- Re installing drivers (Ultranav driver refuses to install manually, "driver installation failed")

- Booting on a non microsoft OS (Booted on a linux Mint installation and it still doesn't work)

- Booting into BIOS and looking for "enable/disable trackpad option", That option does not exist for me.

- Opening up computer and checking the physical connection, All plugged in fine.


When i open the device manager in windows there is no entry for the mouse whatsoever. The touch screen and the pen both work fine.


I think it all points towards a hardware issue, i can pick up another trackpad on ebay for pretty cheap, but obviously i'd like to make sure that it would actually solve the issues. 


The major confusion for me is that why would faulty trackpad hardware stop the backlit keyboard from lighting up? How are the two linked?


Any ideas appreciated, Thanks!


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Re: Thinkpad Yoga S1 touchpad and trackpoint completely unresponsive and backlit keyboard doesn't wo

2017-05-17, 1:49 AM

Hi, welcome to the forums.


When you access the BIOS, does the backlight of the keyboard also don't want to light up?

If not it looks like there some hardware issues. If the machine is under warranty you should open a ticket to Lenovo to get the part replaced, otherwise you can open a ticket and Lenovo will tell you the cost of fixing it.


It is always interesting to read the hardware maintenance manual of the model:



You can also check the part number that you need to order.


There is a PDF on that page with all the part numbers of the laptop.


And also you can check any part replacement on this page: http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ec/en/partslookup


I hope this gives you some hints.



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Re: Thinkpad Yoga S1 touchpad and trackpoint completely unresponsive and backlit keyboard doesn't wo

2019-08-13, 4:19 AM

I have the same problem on three laptops. How did you solve your problem?

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