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Thinkpad Yoga key

I lost my key "A" as I was writing in Tablet mode. It feel off without any notable force.
I already found out that warranty does not include such things. Nevermind I will buy it myself but one week of searching of a simple key, I still couldnt find one. There are shops who offer laptop keys from Lenovo that look quite the same but asking them didnt brought a satisfying answer.

One retailer said that I have to replace the whole keyboard for not less than 120€ but thats not acceptable for just one lost key.


I am missing only the key the rubber part is still there. I tried it with another key and could simply pull it off and put it right in the same play so its not a big thing.


Where can I find this key for my Thinkpad Yoga, and if such thing does not exist. Are there and Lenovo models which have the same key size as mine?


Thanks in advance.

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