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Thinkpad yoga s1 new ssd

Hello to everyone on the forums.


I recently helped my sister in law install a new samsung ssd in her thinkpad yoga s1.  I used a cloning software called "easetodo backup" which seemed to work quite well.  I cloned from a 125GB drive to a 500GB drive, moved the recovery partition to the very end of the target drive, then extended the system partition.  


There's been just one problem.  I tried to make the recovery partition accessible by setting the guid and offset for the new partition location in a file called "reagent.xml" and the recovery partition still doesn't seem to be accessible when I try to run the "create a recovery drive" feature.  Specifically, the "copy the recovery drive from this pc" option is greyed out.  Are there any other pieces of the recovery environment that needs to get set in the reagent.xml file?  I know I've seen a specific blog post on this site that mentions setting the recovery guid and offset, but that really hasn't helped in this case. Has anyone tried and ran into the same issues, or is there anything else worth trying?




This is the blog post with advice I used to try to edit the reagent.xml file.


I also seem to recall that when I ran the reagent /info command, it seemed like windows re was disabled and I couldn't renable with the reagent /enable command.

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