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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad yoga screen issues


I have a 2nd generation Thinkpad Yoga 12.5 inch notebook. I have had this computer for about 18 months and the screen is completely ruined in many places. I have the matte screen and it appears that the pen has been scratching the soft matte finnish at many places. There are also big smudges from the keyboard that does not go away when I try to clean the screen. I am happy with this laptop overall, but I think it is terrible design to fail to make sure that the screen and keyboard is not touching when the lid is closed!


Is it possible to fix these screen issues? Looking at the corner of the the screen, it looks like there is a screenprotector or similar on the device. Is this how Lenovo makes their matte screens? Just pasting a screen protector on top of a glossy screen? If so, would it be possible for me to remove it without damaging the actual screen and get rid of the scratches and smudges?





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