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Paper Tape
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Re: mouse cursor flickers and disappears

When I turned on my Twist today, the problem had disappeared all by itself... Maybe a windows update? I don't know. All I know is that I had nothing to do with it. Smiley Happy



Paper Tape
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Re: Twist - mouse cursor flickers and disappears

I can confirm that I had the same problem with my new X1 Yoga. It didnt start off this way, but within the first few weeks it would arbitrarily develop the described flickering mouse symptoms. Internal trackpoint, trackpad, and external bluetooth mouse showed the same symptoms. Disabling/re-enabling mouse/bluetooth drivers didn't seem to do anything. Very, very, annoying.


While I'm not sure I understand, I followed the hint of a previous poster and changed the video resolution. The flicker disappeared! When I changed it back, the flicker returned. Ah ha!


I checked for a graphics driver update and sure enough, there was one available and my mouse is currently flicker-free at the highest screen resolution.


Lenovo X1 Yoga

Intel(R) HD Graphics 520

Windows 10

[new] Intel Graphics Driver:



What's DOS?
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Re: Twist - mouse cursor flickers and disappears

I had this same problem for over a year. Sometimes the laptop would work normal and other times rhe pointer would disappear unless the mouse was moving. Finally I found a post saying the screen resolution would affect this. I went to my display settings and found that the screen resolution did affect this problem. I changed the resolutions  to 1360 x 768 and the problem went away.  Hope this helps someone.


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