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What resolution is supported with the OneLink Pro Dock on my Yoga S1?



I have a ThinkPad Yoga S1 and a OneLink Pro Dock.


My S1 has a Display Port Output and a Mini-HDMI output.

The Dock has a Display Port Output and a DVI Output - it blocks the Display Port on the notebook itself.


From the manuals I found the following:


The Notebook supports:

Your computer can support a maximum video resolution of up to 1920x1080 (with an external monitor connected to the mini HDMI connector)


The Dock supports:



  • DisplayPort with maximum resolution 2560x1600*
  • DVI-I with maximum 1920x1200 resolution and DVI to VGA adapter included in the box

* Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 supported if second monitor is attached to DVI output.




Question 1: Did I get this right, that the max. resolution on the mini-HDMI is 1920x1080 if the Display Port is not used?

Question 2: If Question 1 is true, what happens if I use the Display Port (without dock)?

Question 3: What's the max. resolution for my DP without the mini-HDMI connected and with it being connected?

Question 4: What version is the DP?

Question 5: Why can't I use the mini-HDMI if I'm already using DVI on the dock?

Question 6: Could I use the DP on the dock + the mini-HDMI on my Yoga?

Question 7: Is there a way to connect 2 external monitors and having a resultion better than 1920x1080 at least one?

Question 8: If Question 7 is true, is there the same possibility for 2 monitors?


I really hope you can answer me this. Did a lot of research. Smiley Happy Thanks


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