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WiFi Access Point on iPhone via LTE, once forgotten, now flaky to connect

I've had spotty luck connecting to my iPhone via Wifi to gain internet access over LTE. In the midst of troulbeshooting, I once hit 'forget' this network instead of disconnect, and had to go through all sorts of hoops and a registry hack to get it to appear back in the list of available networks.  Still it's not very predictable.  I turn on my LTE Personal Hotspot on my iPhone and then go hunting for it on my Thinkpad 370, and the solution doesn't ever seem to be the same thing twice:


1) Turn Wi-Fi on/off

2) Show available networks from setttings (many times)

3) Reboot

4) Change power settings on Wi-Fi Adapter

5) Fiddle in control panel

6) Show available networks again and again, sometimes this causes the iPhone to show up at the top of the list of hot spots nearby.

7) Go to network status, sometimes the iPhone just shows up under status and connects.


It's really just unpredictable I'm afraid.  I don't have it paired as a bluetooth device, so there's not that complication I'm afraid.


Has anyone seen this odd behavior and is there a known good process to make it work correctly?  Similar to my post on my bluetooth headphones in the same forum, I'm really just looking for a consistent experience.


Thanks in advance for any sage advice.  Smiley Happy

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Re: WiFi Access Point on iPhone via LTE, once forgotten, now flaky to connect



I'll start with stating that I don't think this has anything to do with your issue, so FWIW:


I had strange wifi problems with my pre-production 370 with some access points.  I don't recall seeing exactly what you describe, but certainly had inconsistent behavior.


The "fix" in my case was fiddling with the channel width settings for the card via device manager.  I've since swapped in an Intel 8260NGW and haven't seen the same behavior.  There have also been a ton of updates since then too so it's possible that whatever was going on would have been resolved by now anyway.



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