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YOGA 12: Access BIOS after keyboard spill

My Yoga 12 keyboard was ruined due to spill and now won't work at all. I just need to press ESC, but I cannot...


I need to access BIOS as the laptop is asking for a correct date due to complete disassembly and removal of CMOS battery.


An external USB keyboard doesn't work during bootup...


BIOS version is 1.24.


If I hold F1 on the built-in keyboard prior to powering up, the system enters BIOS. After that, no response. The keys are stuck.


I even tried hot-removing the keyboard cable from the motherboard when having entered BIOS and then plugging in a USB keyboard.


Tried both USB ports to no avail ./


I just need to be able to press ESC to bypass the date check -- the laptop works otherwise.


I'll buy a new built-in keyboard, but would love to hear alternative solutions in the meanwhile. Is Fast Boot affecting USB keyboard combatibility? Any secret key combos I could use to reset the BIOS?


Would plugging the laptop into a dock help (connecting a USB keyboard onto the dock)?


PS: Why on earth won't external keyboards work during bootup on this laptop?? .(
Posts: 196
Registered: ‎06-12-2011
Location: A Finn living in the NL
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Re: YOGA 12: Access BIOS after keyboard spill

Solving my own problem: try using a really basic, cheap USB keyboard. I borrowed one from work; the brand is Cirkuit (CKP-KB6013 Wired Multimedia Keyboard).


The one I tried before was one of those expensive MX-keyed mechanical keyboards (sorry, don't remember the brand) I borrowed from a friend.


Plugged in the cheap keyboard to the right-side USB port, and it works right from starting up the laptop.


I'll probably have to disconnect the internal keyboard to prevent it from wreaking havoc while I wait for my replacement part to arrive.


...although at first glance it seems to be fine .)

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