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Yoga 11e disabling trackpad and keyboard

Hello, i work in a school and the majority of our students use the Yoga 11e laptops. Recently we have recieved a few with keyboards and trackpads that seem to be disabled. My guess is that the laptop is stuck in some sort of "tablet" mode that triggers when the screen is flipped fully back. 


Any help with this issue would be very much appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Yoga 11e disabling trackpad and keyboard

Hi JamesOasis.

Welcome to the forums.


Can you please post the full model number of the machines? Are you using Windows 10 ?


Let me share some ideas.....


Tablet mode on Windows 10 does not disable the trackpoing or the keyboard, if the computer is on Laptop layout. (not bended)


Let's try to see first if it is a configuration or software issues.

Check out the "Control Panel - Mouse" and see the "Thinkpad" tab. See if the trackpoint is disabled, just in case.


2016-01-22 10_37_59-Mouse Properties.png


After that I will check the Mouse driver.

Check the support site for the Yoga 11e:

- Search for the mouse drivers, and just in case install the latest version.


If that does not work, I would get into a firmware and driver update rampage Smiley Happy

Check out any BIOS update for the computer and be sure to use Windows update to be on the latest level. Check some other drivers on the Lenovo support site that may need to be updated.


This are only some ideas... let us know if you have any progress.



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