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Yoga 12 Black Screen on restart



We just purchased a Yoga 12 for one of our administrators in our district.  It has a core i7 proc, 256SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 x64.  While it works fine most of the time, when the system restarts, it starts to load windows but the screen goes black.  None of the keys on the keyboards work.  The computer itself is powered on, but there is nothing on the display until you touch the screen.  The lock screen then comes up, but you still can't use the keyboard until you swipe up the lock screen.  I thought maybe some driver issue but the event logs aren't showing anything.  The laptop isn't in tablet mode.


Any ideas about this?





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Re: Yoga 12 Black Screen on restart

In response to customer reports of black screens after restart on Yoga 12 laptops running Windows 10, Lenovo has released a Service TIP.


It can be found here:


Please note the tip lists the screen swipe as a work around, pending a permanent fix.


Thank you,

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Re: Yoga 12 Black Screen on restart

I have the exact same issue on my Yoga 900 with Windows 10 x64.


Normal Boot -> OK

Standby and wake -> OK

Reboot Windows -> NOT OK -> Windows Shuts down and screen goes black.


Ill fix this by just pressing short the power button. The device shuts off.

Pressing the key short again brings me to the login screen.

Touching the screen doesnt help.

It seems to me that the issue occur on shutdown, not on boot.


Any hints/news?




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Re: Yoga 12 Black Screen on restart

I had this issue too, where it would do this over half the time when I attempted to restart. I'd have to force shut down and reboot several times before getting lucky.


I recently did a factory restore (had a heck of a time, because my HD partition wasn't MBR) and so far (after two days) it appears to have fixed the problem. Only restarted it a few times though.


I also had this issue with my X61 years ago, after it was just a few years old. I've only ever had Lenovo laptops, so I don't know if this could be an issue with all aging laptops (a few years shouldn't be "aging" though) or if it's more of a problem with Lenovo.

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Re: Yoga 12 Black Screen on restart

thx, for your answer.

I also have converted the partition to MBR sometimes because my rather old WHS 2011 Connector Software for backing up the machine doesnt work with GPT.


Maybe i should revert to GPT to test if this solved the issue.




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Re: Yoga 12 Black Screen on restart

THX A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After converting the partition table to GPT (without data loss) with use of the free mbr2gpt.exe tool from microsoft,

and switching on UEFI in the BIOS my Windows 10 reboot works again!


Here is the link to the guide how to convert it:

I have done it in the recovery CMD line because it hasnt worked on the live os.


With the windows command "shutdown -r -o" you can start advanced reboot options and select command line.

After rebooting (which doesnt work, i had to press the power button twice as usual) the command line appears.

Just start the conversation with "mbr2gpt /convert /disk:0" (please read the guide and watch the video).

After conversation and switching on UEFI in the BIOS reboots are finally working from Windows 10!


thx for the hint



PS.: Now i have to install a patch on my WHS 2011 Server to enable GPT backup.

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