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Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop Mode


It seems as though my brand new Thinkpad Yoga 12 doesn't know that it's in laptop mode and turns the keyboard and trackpad off as soon as the log in screen (Windows 8.1) comes up.   But if I lightly press the screen back, both come back to life. I let go and they switch off immediately.


I also found out that if I put something under either one of the front corners of the laptop, the keyboard and trackpad work and stay on for longer ... with 90% success rate.   What's weird is that when I go directly to the BIOS, then the keyboard works perfectly, which gives me the impression that it's a sensor problem.  


Touchscreen works always and perfectly.    



Previously troubleshooting attempts without success:

Re-install all drivers. (Keyboard, sensor, etc.)

Update all drivers.

2x 8.1 Windows reinstall.

All (non-Microsoft) services off.

Sensors and HID keyboard off / uninstall.

Safe Mode    



System Details:

Windows 8.1, BIOS Version 1.03, i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Wacom Digitizer etc.

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Re: Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop Mode

I have 4 of these Yoga 12 and the same issue.  Sent 3 back to Lenovo.  Received 2 back and issue is still  occuring.  

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Re: Yoga 12 - Keyboard and Trackpad turn off in Laptop Mode



Can you please specify the full model number of your Thinkpads Yoga 12?


I was just checking the support site (please double check according to your model) and there if BIOS 1.22. Maybe you can give it a try also updating it.


And it can be interesting to know the driver version of the Trackpad/trackpoint you are using. I remember that in some case the driver was update to get an improved functionality when it swtiches from Tablet to Laptop mode.


It is just some "trial and error", but we can give it a try to see what we can find.


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