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Yoga 14 (20DM) keyboard shuts down when OS (Windows or Linux) loads, but still works in the BIOS

2016-07-30, 14:41 PM

Hey there,

I currently have a strange issue with my Yoga 14.



The keyboard shuts down when the OS loads. It works perfectly fine in the BIOS, diagnostic tools and my bootloader (grub), but shuts down immidiately when the OS starts. This issues is not related to a specific OS. The TrackPoint on the keyboard is not affected by this issue. An external usb-keyboard works fine.


What I tried so far

* Did a BIOS update

* Removed the keyboard and re-connected it

* Ran the diagnostics tool to see if there are any hints

* Tried a Windows installation medium to rule out that my bootloader causes the issue

* Tried Arch Linux to rule out that my Ubuntu installation causes the issue

* Lots and lots of reading


Additional Notes

"Debugging" the low-level keyboard input on Linux shows that the keyboard is recognized, but there is absolutely nothing coming from it.


No I am completely clueless on what else I can do. Does somebody have a clue on what might be the issue?


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Re: Yoga 14 (20DM) keyboard shuts down when OS (Windows or Linux) loads, but still works in the BIOS

2016-08-02, 1:21 AM

Hi, welcome to the forums.


I do not have much idea about this issue, but what about when you put the computer to sleep or hibernate. Does the keyboard works to wake it up? or if you wake it up with the button, does the keyboard returns to work normally or it just keep disconnected.


Just in case, Which BIOS version did you have installed?



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