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Yoga 14 LCD upgrade?

Hello all I just recently switched from a fairly expensive and very nice surface book to this Thinkpad with near identical specifications because of the software problems related to Microsoft's new product. I absolutely love the yoga 14, but the only thing that falls short of my expectations is the LCD quality. Theres a noticeable amount of light bleed in dark areas, and the contrast isn't the nicest. I don't care too much about a high resolution display but 2560 x 1440 is always nice, and it seems that the higher resolution panels provide better contrast and typically are higher quality.


I specifically needed a laptop with pen support as I do quite a bit of graphical rendering, and drawing on my laptops, and ever since I switched to directly drawing on the screen I hate going back to a tablet.


I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible through Lenovo or at all to upgrade the LCD in the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14. Its also important to mention I wish to retain the ability to use the Wacom stylus that comes standard with this model.


Its a stretch and mostly can not be done, but there's a chance the panels they're using on the newer Think Pads that released this year could work with this laptop. I couldn't imagine it being impossible, but theres most likely no official route to upgrade the screen for this laptop.

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Re: Yoga 14 LCD upgrade?

Hi, Welcome to the Forums.


I think it may be hard to try to find a LCD that fits exactly on the Yoga 14. Maybe a good start will be to check the Maintenance Manual, search for the FRU Number (replacement number) of the LCD and try to find it on ebay, check for the pictures and try to find something similar.


About the pen, maybe your TP Yoga 14 has already pen support. Maybe with your full model number we can check on the PSREF books to see if your model has support.



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