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Yoga 14 Screen Discoloration

I tried this in another forum, got no answer. Using Companion directed me here maybe I'll have better luck.


New, happy-ish owner of a Yoga 14 (20FY) I recently purchased at Best Buy. I say "happy-ish", because after a week of ownership, the screen has started to develop an orange discoloration, mostly to the bottom and left edges of the screen. It is a slight discoloration over a fairly large area, with a very noticible blotch, or circle, in the corner between one half and three quarters of an inch in diameter.


Searching the web I see it common on other manufatcturer's models, but nothing here on elsewhere about the Yoga 14s. Is this an anomoly, has anyone else experienced this? As I said for the most part the discoloration is slight, but noticible.


I also own a Flex 3 1130 which quite frankly has seen quite a bit of use and travel and does not exhibit this issue. I'm a little dismayed a somewhat affordable laptop has faired better than a more expensive model.


Before I return the laptop - as it is within the return period - I would like to get some input. Other than this screen issue, I am pleased with my purchase.

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Re: Yoga 14 Screen Discoloration

Hi gtony.


Is there a way you can take a picture about where we can apreciate the kind of discoloration?


I noticed on my TPY 14 (20DM) a very light discoloraiton (orange-brown) on the edges especially with when I'm in very dark enviroments and when it shows a black screen like when Windows is booting. But it does not shows at all, or bothers at all, when I'm using the PC once it boots. In my case it does not bother me at all and it haven't got worst in the last year and half that I have this machine.


But if the discoloration is very noticiable, you can open a ticket for the PC screen to be replaced.



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Re: Yoga 14 Screen Discoloration

I have a same issue too. But I don't have time to send my laptop because I need it. 

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