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Yoga 20CD-CT01 Screen matte layer replacement?

Hi there, hopefully someone can help me.


Back when my laptop was still under warranty, I complained to Lenovo about the many scratches I was getting on my screen from using their pen. I don't press hard when I draw, and I even bought replacement nibs just in case there was something sharp on the one I was using. Alas, nothing helped. This didn't happen on the last tablet Thinkpad (X61) I had!


At the time, I couldn't afford to send my laptop in to get it repaired. I was in the middle of a VERY busy college year. But now, the scratches are so numerous, it's really affecting my ability to work on it.


Is there a way to just... replace the matte finish? Looks like it's like a screen protector to me. Is that something I can purchase on my own, or would I nee to take my laptop to a repair place to get it put on correctly? I tried to see if I could take the thing off myself, but I can't even get my fingernail under a corner. I HOPE it's a screen protector of sorts, because there's no way I can afford replacing the entire screen.

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