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Yoga 260 20FD - "bursty" and loud fans?

I've been very happy with my Yoga 260 20FD except for the fan - on my unit, the fan is very "bursty", and very loud when it does turn on. The instant CPU temps hit ~60C, even if only briefly, the fan will kick in loudly at full blast for a few seconds. The fan promptly shuts down completely, only to resume loudly the next time I load a complex web page or open a program. Seems like Lenovo has very very aggressive fan policy on the Yoga 260 - has anyone else experienced this as well?


I'm on bios 1.34, with the latest Intel ME firmware, Lenovo Power Optimized power plan, etc (as a side note, Lenovo Companion and System Update have frequently been missing driver updates that are posted to the Y260 support page for the last few weeks... never had this problem with my old X220T).

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Re: Yoga 260 20FD - "bursty" and loud fans?



I'm not sure about your issue, but just in case, can you check on Windows Task Manager if some process is spiking your processor when the fans start bursting?



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Re: Yoga 260 20FD - "bursty" and loud fans?

Thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. Idle processes are clean at 1-2% usage. For example, loading the Yoga 260 support site ( IE 11 causes my CPU (i5-6200U) to hit ~30% usage for only ~7-8 seconds, and then the fan comes on right when core temps hit 60C, and stays on until they are back down to 40C.

For comparison's sake, on my wife's Dell XPS 13 9343 (i5-5200U) under a balanced power plan and default Dell cooling settings, HWINFO64 shows that the Dell fan only spins up once her CPU hits 80C. Seems like the Yoga 260's fan table is very aggressive. Altering the "Intelligent Cooling" option in the Lenovo Settings app doesn't change the Yoga's 60C setpoint.


Some more searching has dug up several reports of the Yoga 260 fans turning on early and often, so this probably isn't out of the ordinary for this machine type. Hopefully the next BIOS update will improve things - 1.36 was posted briefly on March 8th, then pulled the next day before I could grab it.

I notice there aren't any Intel DPTF drivers for Thinkpads... any idea what's up with that?



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