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Yoga 260 Windows 10 blinking external monitor

I have the above system conected via a One link + using the display port.

the external monitor frequently blinks on and off

using DP to DVI, but it also happens with VGA

Have updated all the drivers.


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Re: Yoga 260 Windows 10 blinking external monitor

Hi dougdykman


Can you please specify your full Thinkpad model number and the model of OneLink dock that you are using.

Some Thinkpad and some OneLink dock models has some firmware (BIOS) update to improve compatibility.



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Re: Yoga 260 Windows 10 blinking external monitor

I have a Yoga 260 connected to an external monitor through the displayport of a Onelink+ dock as well (but with a DP to HDMI adapter, not DP to DVI). No issues here with flickering, I'm running the Intel Graphics driver


I used to have issues with video-out and getting an external monitor recognized on both the HDMI and mini-displayport of the Yoga 260 itself (not the Onelink+ dock). A simple re-installation/overwrite of the Intel graphics driver didn't fix my issues. However, complete un-installation of the Intel graphics drivers, a reboot, and then fresh installation of the graphics drivers did solve these video-out issues. Something to try...

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Re: Yoga 260 Windows 10 blinking external monitor

In response to customer reports of blinking or flickering on external monitors connected to Yoga 260 ThinkPad systems via OneLink+ VGA/RJ45 adapter or OneLink+ dock, Lenovo has provided a solution for Yoga 260 ThinkPad systems under warranty.


To contact Lenovo Service, please click here and reference Service TIP SF16-T0080/ HT502248. This solution will require the Yoga 260 to be serviced.


Thank you,

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