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Yoga 260 - all mouse inputs freeze randomly on battery

When I use the ThinkPad on battery, and whether an external device is plugged in or not, the cursor will freeze often (like every few minutes). This is EXTREMELY annoying, as I use my device in conferences on battery frequently.


Model: 20FES02C00

BIOS: 1.76

ELAN Driver:


I've tried:

- Reinstalling the drivers for ELAN Pointing Device from Lenovo support

- Reinstalling the drivers for ELAN Pointing Device from Windows Update

- Resetting all settings on the ELAN software

- Resetting the Windows power plan settings

- Clear temp files

- Close SmartAudio running processes (read online somewhere it could help)

- Reinstalled Windows 10 from the clean Microsoft ISO 



I tried to recreate the issue this morning, and having multiple tabs in Chrome open, while on battery seems to trigger it. The freezing happens more often while connected to a WPA2 Enterprise wifi network (odd) than a WPA2 Personal wifi network, in my experience.


The freezing was REALLY bad before upgrading to 8GB RAM, but is rare at home, but still happens frequently at work (again, while on battery).


Sorry for the ranting, I'm just trying to talk out things here and find common ground. Any ideas or tweaks in Chrome or other apps to prevent this?


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Re: Yoga 260 - all mouse inputs freeze randomly on battery

Either way, the laptop had another input freeze just now (browsing a website), so I opened a support ticket as the unit is still under warranty. Never had any other laptop act like this on battery.


By input freeze, do you mean everything freezes and not just the cursor? Or do you mean typing also freezes with the cursor? Right click the battery icon in the task bar, go to power settings, change plan settings, change advanced power settings, and go to Processor Power Management, and set the minimal processor state (while on battery) to 100% .


See if that solves the issue. Let me know.

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