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Yoga 260, handwriting and Windows 7...

Good day !


I am looking at an orgaizational laptop upgrade, and am considering the T460s or Yoga 260. I believe they are very close to each other from a portability and performance standpoint, and I am really looking at whether I can start to use a pen in tablet mode to take notes more efficiently in meetings. Unfortunately, IT is fixed at Windows 7 at this point, and I understand that WRITEit is Windows 10 only.


What are opinions on whether a convertable has any advantage over the T460s when running Windows 7 when it comes to note taking ? And, are there any decent handwriting programs for Windows 7 to use with the Yoga 260 on Windows 7, which woudl allow for handwriting conversion to digital ? e.g., into notepad, Word, etc.. I understand that Windows 10 is far more tablet-friendly, but I won't have the option to be running v10. Thanks !



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Re: Yoga 260, handwriting and Windows 7...



I think that the Yoga Tablets are more recommended for note taking. There are some model that came with the pen, and other that you can buy the pen individually.


About Windows 7, yes it is tablet limited, but on that you can you can use software that supports Wacom pens to take notes. Maybe MS Onenote will work for you, but there are several note-taking-software that works on Windows 7.



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Re: Yoga 260, handwriting and Windows 7...

Thank-you for the reply. 

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