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Paper Tape
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Yoga 370-Screen can't rotate if Docked-In Thunderbolt3


If Docked-In Thunderbolt3 Docking with external Monitors, I can't rotate Screen on Yoga 370.
I can rotate all screens, but not the built-in Yoga Screen. (Option is grayed-out).

Only solution is to go to Screen-Settings and change Orientation.
This is impractical, since windows has its button for this.
As I found out, this made by manufacturer of graphic-card (Lenovo/Intel).

Why does the manufacturer lock this function?


You may ask what's the reason to rotate the Yoga screen, whyle docked-in and external monitors?

At office I use an external Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse, and two external Monitors docked at Thunderbolt Docking.

In this configuration I use Yoga Screen for handwriting in Tablet Mode.

To have an ultra thin handwriting tablet I want to rotate the Yoga Screen and rotate the Yoga.


Perhaps Lenovo will un-Lock this function in next Firmware Release?

(Why does Lenovo Lock functionality of windows this way and restrict use of their own products?)

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Re: Yoga 370-Screen can't rotate if Docked-In Thunderbolt3



I don't have your configuration but I didn't get exactly what is the issue.


You are using your TP Yoga in laptop, tablet, tent and stand mode and it works fine with the monitors. (check the picture attached).  But when you are in "Tablet mode" (with the keyboard completely retracted) and you put it vertical (as a book) it locks the screen?


I have a different config (TP Yoga 14 with OneLink+ and one monitor and it is a "Desktop extend", not duplicate). If I'm docked with Tablet mode , if I rotate vertically the Yoga (as a book), it will rotate my screen on the Yoga, on the external monitor it remains the same orientation, but the desktop icons are moved to the external monitor.  Is that what you are trying to do ?






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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 370-Screen can't rotate if Docked-In Thunderbolt3

Thanks for your message.

This taked me to the idea to test this in the different modes.
-> in Laptop Mode, Screen is locked (Windows Screen Rotation is locked to Laptop Mode)

-> in Tent, Stand, Tablet Mode, Screen is automatic rotating as I want

I have found this also here:

Additional Information

The Rotation Lock setting can only be changed when the PC is in Yoga, Stand, or Tent mode. The setting cannot be changed when the PC is in Laptop mode.

So it would be nice if Lenovo would unlock rotation too at Laptop Mode.


the Solution for me if lenovo don't unlock this:

-> shortly go to tent-mode, while tent-mode lock screen-rotation at orientation i want, and then go back to laptop mode.

this works fine.


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