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Paper Tape
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Yoga S1 (20CD) Strange HDD password behaviour

Hello to everyone,

I'll need your help.


I installed a new, fresh Win 8.1 operating system on my Yoga S1. I also mount a new Intel SSD in the place of the old HDD. So it's way faster now Smiley Happy

I need to have a HDD password, also a start-up password. So, i set the same password (I'm sure, double-triple check it) for supervisor, power-on and HDD password. I enabled the password on restart option.

So here is the problem - when i power on the Yoga, it asks for the power-on pass. I enter it and it is corect. Then, it shows that it enters the HDD1 pass automatically and it is succesfull. The system boots and it's fine. But when i press Restart from Windows, it powers off, ask for power-on pass - correct, then it asks for HDD1 pass. It's the same and should be automatically filled, like in cold start. Ok, it enter it manually, but it is incorrect. I also tried with blank pass, but without succes. So, after three incorect passwods, it freezes. Then, I power off completelly, start again, enter the power-on pass and it's fine, it boots the OS. So, it's not working on restart, but cold starts are OK. As I said, I checked many thimes that the passwords are the same.


Please advice guys.

Thanks to everyone

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Yoga S1 (20CD) Strange HDD password behaviour

Do you still have the 2.5: drive also?  I have seen this behavior once before in a machine with a 2.5" drive and an M.2 SSD.  It turned out that the problem was related to the 2.5" drive, even though the bad pw showed up on the M.2 drive at restart.  My 2.5" drive was originally from an HP and there was something screwed up in the HP firmware that interfered with the M.2 drive.  It took me a long time to figure out what was wrong.  It also might have the same symptoms with an HP SSD


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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga S1 (20CD) Strange HDD password behaviour

Yep, actually it is working fine with the original WD Blue series HDD. The M2 SSD is also working fine with or without password. But this is not a solution for me Smiley Sad

I installed the latest BIOS version, tried with user auser+master password but without success.


Any ideas are welcomed

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