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Yoga S1: Disabling USB3 solution for all that weard problems?

Hi all


After having serious problems booting win10 media and installation after bios update I described here


(the solution was to set usb in bios from auto to enabled) the OneLink Dock had no ethernet connection anymore, only wlan was left (haven't tested display and usb ports on dock).


It seems that disabling usb in the bios not only re-enables ethernet, but also I have solid ethernet connection now and standby seems to work again and the notebook seems to switch off hardware after shutdown. I'm going on holidays so I have no time to test it out more.


If that can be confirmed by other users here with the same problems (flapping ethernet, power management problems) maybe this should go into faq or sticky post. To me it end years of trouble.


My final guess is that there is a hardware problem with usb3 that cannot be solved by new drivers. Otherwise it would have been done or commented on the forum...




Update: The fan ist now mostly off in idle too. Not surprising though.

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