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Paper Tape
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Yoga S1: How can I reload Windows 8 if I didn't know to make Recovery Media before wiping the drive?

Unlike previous Thinkpads I've had which came with seperate recovery media (and thorough manuals!), the Yoga S1 came with just a solitary slip of paper which did not mention the need to make a USB Recovery Media from a partition that I was unaware of. Massive complaints about this asside, here's a problem that I need to find the answer to:


Let's say you received one of these machines, then loaded Linux onto it-- unaware of the necessary step of making a  USB Recovery Media. The original partitions that came on the machine having been blown away in the process of this use appears to mean that the Windows 8 license I paid for is now nolonger useable.


Because I nolonger have the recovery media's partition (nor the Windows 8 install needed to follow these instructions to put said Recovery Media on a USB stick), I have reached out to Lenovo support requesting either:

  • A) my license key that I've paid Lenovo for but never received, so I can make use of this after I install an older version of Windows I have from a previous Thinkpad which actually included a recovery disk (as it should!!) or:
  • B) a copy of Recovery Media because I was not informed that I needed to follow the aforementioned steps to make a USB stick.

to which, I was told to contact a support company which requires payment before I can even say a word to them.


This of course is not ok. Far from satisfactory. I would appreciate it if a Lenovo represenative could give me a solution to this.


Please do not reference this post or similar, as I've already seen them and confirmed that they do not apply here. I would like to reiterate that the surprise partition that once heald my secret Recovery Media does not exist (nor do I even have a Windows 8 install to use for following said steps). Pretty obvious that's a chicken-and-the-egg suggestion anyway, as having a Windows 8 install in the first place is what I'm seeking.



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Re: Yoga S1: How can I reload Windows 8 if I didn't know to make Recovery Media before wiping the dr

You can ask Lenovo for recovery disks, but if they can't provide that (out of warranty, user-changed software), you can install it directly from Microsoft. The product key is bounded with the motherboard so once you install and connect to the internet, it should verify. You'll need to create an installation media to a flash drive. Then, you'll need to boot into the flash drive by (pressing F12 continously on startup, and choosing the flash drive). You can then install the drivers from the Lenovo support site.


Here's the installation media;

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga S1: How can I reload Windows 8 if I didn't know to make Recovery Media before wiping the dr

Super, thanks so very much! It's great to know that the windows license is bound within the hardware, setup worked perfectly, and I'd like to report that upgrading to Windows 10 was also smooth. I do want to note for anyone with the same situation that comes across this thread: When I got Windows 8 back on the machine it didn't automatically include the Wacom drivers, so the palm rejection didn't work very well at first. Do be sure to get those Wacom drivers. This tutorial was also helpful for photoshop-- it's for the Surface Pro, but all high def tablet screens can benefit from it.



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