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Fanfold Paper
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Yoga S1 - Yoga 2 - Rubber feet replacement



Two of my Yoga S1's rubber feet have been missing...

Do you know the reference of these ? So i can order them on the IBM shop.


Thanks !





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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Yoga S1 Rubber feet



Did you get hold of new rubber feet? I am having the same problem with my Yoga 2



Blue Screen Again
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Need help with warranty service on ThinkPad Yoga

Sorry for the seemingly angry headline but I am quite irritated at this point. Around three weeks ago I lost one of the rubber feet off my Thinkpad Yoga 2. After looking on Amazon, the Lenovo store and on Ebay I tried to ask here for advice around two weeks ago but I still have not received an answer (I don't know if this forum is run by Lenovo mods or by a Lenovo "community" of some sorts). I saw a similar question for missing feet on the S1 but the OP had not received an answer either.


Yesterday another rubber foot came off so now both rubber feet on the back are missing thereby also partly blocking the air intake (I will glue it back on!). I therefore decided to call Lenovo to get some new ones. They put me through to IBM customer service which told me that it is not possible to buy rubber feet separately so in order to get two new rubber feet I have to buy a new base cover for the mere price of €80.50 which is just taking the piss out of people, especially when my laptop is 6 months old and still under warranty.


The rubber foot which came off yesterday was so badly glued that it was almost a joke! Since I bought a laptop which has **bleep**ty rubber feet I have to buy a new bottom cover for €80 in order to solve the problem? If that is not taking the piss out of your customers than please tell me what is?


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Former Administrator
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Re: Need help with warranty service on ThinkPad Yoga



That sounds pretty aggravating - have a laptop try to rest on 3 feet and now 2.  They should not come off, and statistically given the millions of systems we ship, this is an infrequent issue, but still troublesome to those so affected.


Generally, we have not kept part numbers for just the feet, nor stocked them.  For simplicity, generally the bottom cover would need to be replaced,   In some cases, we have released small part kits for some models that will include screws, various rubber bumpers and bits, and a couple of feet.


Let me look into this tomorrow and see if we have such a kit for the ThinkPad Yoga and if so, we'll see how we can get that to you, or advise the P/N that can be ordered through service.


Thanks for speaking up.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Need help with warranty service on ThinkPad Yoga

Hi Mark,


Sorry for the angry rant above. Thanks for the reply and thank you for looking into the matter.




Blue Screen Again
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Re: Need help with warranty service on ThinkPad Yoga

Dear Mark,


It is now three weeks since you talked about looking into the matter. In the meantime I have lost another rubber foot so now I have only one rubber foot left on the bottom cover. Again I must echo that buying a new bottom cover for €80 is ridiculous when the laptop is just over 6 monhts now.


Therefore I am asking whether or not it is possible to get hold of new rubber feet from Lenovo?


Best regards,


Paper Tape
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Re: Need help with warranty service on ThinkPad Yoga

I also lost one rubber feet and like I said in another thread, after having contacted IBM support, you ABSOLUTELY have to ship them your laptop, only to have the bottom cover COMPLETELY replaced. I could understand if the rubber feet were somewhat "soldered" to the bottom cover or anything, but they are easily removable, kinda like the old thinkpads.


Unfortunately, you could order and replace the rubber feets yourself on the old Thinkpad, but you can't with the Thinkpad Yoga. So either I ship them my work laptop, lose it for at least 3 weeks, or I order this component myself off Ebay (for a ridiculous 70$) and install it myself.

You SHOULD be able to order the rubber feet and replace them yourself, I see no reasons why it's not a self-served CRU, the rubber feet and the bottom covers aren't tied by any means...

Still waiting for a better solution than to ship them my laptop...

Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga S1 Rubber feet

I just asked Lenovo about the feet and was informed that those are part of the case and are not shipped separately.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Need help with warranty service on ThinkPad Yoga

To those of you looking for ThinkPad Yoga S1 and S2 rubber feet, please PM me your contact information and we can help you.  I understand how frustrating it can be and we certainly do not want you to be without your notebook for this repair.  Thanks to Mark for kicking this off internally and our customers for speaking up!



ADMIN EDIT - Preserving Jon's post as the original solution, however please see my latest post here as Lenovo has released a kit with replacement feet through service as...


I recommend you contact service and request this part if your system is under warranty and some of the feet have come off.   Outside of warranty, this part can be ordered through service for a fee.

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga S1 Rubber feet

Hi.  I'm not sure how to PM...  I need a rubber foott for my laptop as well, plus one of the two little rubber triangles that sit in the corner of the keyboard.  Can you help?

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