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Yoga S3 Yoga 14 i5-4210U upgrade options

I have a S3 Yoga 14 with i5-4210U Haswell CPU & GeForce 840M (Model# 20DM000VUS). I've searched and searched for any solution to upgrade the memory to 16GB, but seems only the Broadwell version I'm stuck with 8GB.  I already upgraded to a 1TB Evo 850 SSD which did boost overall speed a lot, but running out of memory all the time is driving me nuts.


So my question is, is it possible to swap out the whole motherboard to a i5-5200U Broadwell version without any HW/SW conflict issues so I could upgrade to 16GB?  Or can you only swap for the exact same MB?  It'd be a lot cheaper than buying a whole new Yoga w/dedicated graphics such as the P40 and way less hassle as long as I wouldn't need to reinstall Windows and everything. Thanks!

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Re: Yoga S3 Yoga 14 i5-4210U upgrade options



I think that a DDR3L 16GB Memory may work on your TPY14 machine, but I have never tried it by myself, plus the official parts numbers does not list a 16GB Memory between the approved parts.


If you have a change to test and return if it does not work a DDR3L 16GB module, maybe that is the best option.


I think it will be to hard and costly to try to replace all the mainboard.



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