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keyboard only work when screen fully veritical

yogo thinkpad


this is a work machine so i am limited what settings i can change but since IT cannot figure out this problem i hope you can. just today something happened that my keyboard doesnt work. normally the lid is fully open and i use an external monitor. Today that changed. something popped up asking if i wanted tablet mode and i hit no, dont ask again. this is when the problems happened. i had to put an external keyboard on to type even my password to get in the account. however after playing around i discoverd this:


The keyboard will work if the lid is totally at an upright position. I can put the lid down to toward the keyboard and it still works fine.  When I start to tilt the screen back to the back of my desk they keyboard wont work once you get to what id call the 91 degree mark. then On the top left of the screen it says auto rotate on, and bottom right I get asked if I want to switch to tablet mode. I just put the lid back up  and all returns to normal without me doing anything or selecting anything.


when the keyboard works. the rotation lock selection is greyed out and says ON.

when the keyboard doesnt work, the rotation lock 'cube' is fully operational and you can change settings


so any ideas?

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