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longetivty of lenovo thinkpad?

I have a lenovo ss400 that unfortunately seems to have broken down on me. A local computer shop tells me it's probably the motherboard, which they cant replace. Unless I can find another way of getting it fixed i will need to buy a new laptop. A few weeks before this happened, I was having some problems waking it up from sleep, which I've just been reading seems to be a common problem.


My question may seem silly but I would really like to know whether two years is thought ot be a reasonable length of time for an expensive computer to last? I've certainly had less expensive models from other brands last much longer.




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Re: longetivty of lenovo thinkpad?

Most last longer.  I have an old thinkpad, that I still use, that is more than 15 years old.  It is still used occasionally for one particular purpose, because it is compatible with another device I still need once in a while.  A computer is made up of thousands of individual parts, and each part has a mean-time-between-failures asssociated with it.  A motherboard may have 2000 resistors, each of which may have a MTBF of 50,000 years, but that means that one of the tens of millions of resistors made in a day might blow in a week, or a day or a year.  Hard drive makers quote MTBF figures of times like 300 years, but you should still take backups, and everyone knows someone who learns about the need for backups "the hard way".


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