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Paper Tape
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thinkpad yoga s1 pro pen

hi, i've bought the thinkpad pro pen, i've found its not working.


dunno if the model is incorrect for my machine or i was sent a different model.


i'm using thinkpad yoga s1  12, with wacom digitizer

i bought the model in the link below


it is mentioned it will be working on my model already.

any feedback is appreciated.

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Re: thinkpad yoga s1 pro pen



I have the Thinkpad Pen Pro, but on a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14.

- Here it also a nice tip about pens that is good to read .


What I know is that there are some Thinkpads that cames with touch screen, but it does not support pen. Please share your full model number of your Thinkpad Y S1 (it is a long number like 20DM008UUS ) to check on the PSREF site.


If on that site your model says "Active Pen" we are in good track.

2017-03-09 09_54_50-Think Tablets & Convertibles,ThinkPad Yoga 14,Model_20DM008F++.png

After that I would check:

1) The battery of the pen

2) That Windows has an updated Wacom driver so it can recognize the pen.


Please let me know if you got any progress.




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Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad yoga s1 pro pen

Hi, first thanks so much for replying,
I've checked the link in top which shows what types of pen supports, and my laptop is listed there,

i searched the psref for my model name didnt' find it
mine is "20CD00DMAD" it had it's digitizer pen.
but i read on the shop that it also supports thinkpad pen pro
my laptop is manufactured in jan/2015 as per and older announcement that 2015 thinkpads will support the ThinkPad pen pro.
let me know if you need any extra info . thanks again for your help
Fanfold Paper
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Re: thinkpad yoga s1 pro pen

I have the S12 Yoga 12 and that pen doesn't work on mine. Then again my MTM is 20DK not 20CD so I'm unsure. 


Do you have a little 'garage' hole in the front right side of your laptop where the pen is supposed to sit in? If so, you're probably looking for Manufacturer part number 4X80F22110 for the Digitizer pen (curved back) or Active pen (Flat back) but the Digitizer pen should work for the Yoga 12 S1 and also sit perfectly in the docking hole for safe keeping.


Hope that helps!

Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad yoga s1 pro pen

Hello, sorry for late reply, i have the pen you mentioned it came with laptop.


but i bought the thinkpad pen pro since it has 2048 pressure levels, and they mentioned in works with the thinkpad yoga 12 in the specs .


thats the weird part.

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