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Punch Card
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Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

I have used the Thinkpad T25 for almost a week now, and I want to discuss the fact that the keyboard is somewhat weird to type on? Am I the only one who feels this? Or do anyone else think that it has a weird typing experience? I asked someone who used it for two months now, and he said that Yes when he first got it, it was strange to type on it, but now he said it's fine? Is something to get used to and it will be okay? I will give it a chance more but compare it with my old Thinkpad's; I feel that the old keyboard are much better (They are stiffer but not in a wrong way). Is anyone experiencing this issue with their Thinkpad T25?

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

Short story: I think it's a matter of muscle-memory for your fingers and personal preference.


I am noticing that I get unhappy wrists and aching hands more quickly on the T25 keyboard than I do on the T470 I use for work, and I use the T470 all day. I've had my T25 for less than a week, and I'm not loving the keyboard that I thought I would love.


Long story: I've been using Thinkpads for years. Back in the day when the change was first made from the P25 Anniversary edition style old school keyboard to the 'island' or 'chiclet' type seen on today's Thinkpads, I was really upset about it.


I hated the first one I had. *Really* hated it. I called it many foul names.


Eventually I learned to like it. 


When my work machine was eventually updated to a T460, I *loved* the keyboard. I mean LOVED it.


Just last week received new T470 for work laptop, and the texture of the keys themselves is slightly different, and that threw me off my super-fast typing speed but I'm adapting because everything else feels the same. And I still love the feel, spacing and response of that keyboard.


I replaced a T440 personal machine with the T25 anniversary edition, thinking I would adore the keyboard that harkened back to the old school days of my first Thinkpad. But... not so much.


Makes my wrists hurt. Makes my hands ache. The location of the Delete key is a pain for me and has sent me scouring the internet for info on how to remap keys without using a third party app. I keep reaching for where I expect Delete to be, and hitting page up or page down instead.


I'm going to give it a month, but if it continues to cause me wrist and hand pain, I may end up gifting it to a less-picky family member and will go back to my old T440.


I don't want to send it back because of the restocking fee. Too many $$ lost for nothing and way too much trouble. I'd rather give it to family and make them happy even if it is going to take me a year to pay it off on my credit card.


I work in IT and depend on my hands to earn a living, so if the T25 continues to make my hands and wrists ache, it will get rehomed, a painful and very expensive lesson learned - for me, which will be 'the next laptop I buy will be an exact same model as I use for work, even if I can barely afford it'.  


The only alternative I can think of for myself - and possibly as a suggestion for you - is to use a docking station and buy the Lenovo 'chiclet' style keyboard that is a replica of the current Thinkpad keyboards.


That's an option (granted an expensive one), but... since my main use of my personal machine is when I'm sitting in bed with it on my lap, it's mostly a 'that will only work for me now and then' option.


Hang in there. I hope it will work out for you eventually or you will find a solution.


Thanks for bringing this up in the forum.

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have the same issues as you explained most of the issues that I'm facing with the Thinkpad T25.


Yesterday, I typed around 3000 words maybe more, and my hands and fingers felt tired and pain, even though I usually type the same amount on my Mechanical keyboard or my old Thinkpad x201 tablet with no issues at all. I don't know what's causing the pain, but I think the way the keys positioned and the size of them is causing the pain.


As you when It was released really liked the fact that it has an old Thinkpad keyboard, I used to use T61, x201 tablet, and x240, so I thought having this old keyboard whith new hardware will give me the perfect laptop that I need. I was so happy when I got and couldn't wait to use it, now its a week later and I can't get used to it, I even diteched my desktop and other laptops and forced myslef to keep using the T25 so I can get used to it but still I'm still having issues adapting to it.


Another thing I want to mention I keep typing the wrong letters even though I didn't have this issue with any laptop before, Yesterday whenI fnished typing my 3000+ words, I went to my desktop to test the differnces. I was shocked, I couldn't get to the my natural typing speed I was so bad when I typed on my faviorte Mechanical keyboard, I kept mixing letters and felt like it's weird to type on it, even though this mechanical keyboard is my favitore keyboard of all time, I typed a lot of words and always been happy using it.


I really hope I can get used to it, I will keep using it for a month and see the results, I really want to adapt to this laptop, I really spent a lot just to buy it, even though I could gone with other models like the T480 and the new Ryzen laptops. I think the hype of thinking about the old keyboard and how it used to be is what made me wanting this laptop so bad.


I would be happy if you respond to this article later and tell me if you adapted to the keyboard comparing it to your work laptop.


I hope it will work well for you and enjoy using it.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

The keyboard (specifically, keyboard layout) is the only reason to buy a Thinkpad 25. Other than the keyboard it has nothing worthwhile over the T470/T470p.


If you hated the 6-row at first, but grew to love it and got used to the key locations, then it is only natural that switching back to the 7-row may cause you the same issues all over again, in reverse. And then if you get used to 7-row again, how will you feel with the 6-row?


The Thinkpad 25 is for people who either cannot or refuse to adapt to the 6-row layout.


However, if the TP25 is causing you pain typing, but the X201 Tablet does not, then it definitely has nothing to do with the keys' size or positioning, since it's essentially identical. It may have something to do with key travel depth (which is shallower on TP25), or with the size, shape, rigidity of the bezel/palmrest.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

Yes. I had mine for about a year now. And I love the keyboard. I went from a T61 to the T25... And I think the keyboard on the T25 is notably better. When comparing them right now I can say that the T25 keyboard is snappier and has much more destinct tactility. 

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

Yes, I done a comparison yesterday and I noticed that the T480 for some reason has a  better keyboard, I really liked the way it feels when I type on it, I don't know if it's the space between the keys or something else, but I really like the T25 layout more, and I feel it's better for everyday use then the T480, that being said I really type a lot, so I think for people who type a lot the T480 is a better choice since the keys feel much better to type on. If the T25 had the same keys as T480, I would say it would be better to type on.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

The keyboard is the only reason I bought the T25 and would continue to pay the nostalgia tax for a T26 (or any model going forward) with this style keyboard. I have no issues typing but I was coming from an x220. Disclaimer: I am a stubborn dinosaur and refuse to use a "modern" keyboard design. Took me a little bit to get used to the larger keys as the x220 is significantly smaller.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad T25 users let's be honest do you really like the keyboard?

I am with cbarry. I love the keyboard. And this was the only reason why I got a T25.

So sad that Lenovo does not give us the choice to use this keyboard in any other Thinkpad model.



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