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Fingerprint support on Windows 10 - ThinkPad T440 and newer

On Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, ThinkPad T/W/X systems use fingerprint software.  T440 and later models use Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro.  This software was needed because those versions of Windows did not natively support fingerprint readers.


Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has added full support for fingerprint readers into the operating system.  You only need a driver.  The fingerprint software is no longer needed, and should be uninstalled prior to upgrading to Windows 10.  The purpose of this guide is to help you upgrade your Win7/Win8/Win8.1 system to Windows 10, so that you can successfully continue using your fingerprint reader.


Before upgrading to Windows 10, you need to make sure you know your Windows password.  Whether you have fingerprints enrolled or not, the Windows 10 upgrade process will ask you for your Windows password, so you must know it.


Below are the steps I took to successfully upgrade a T450 system running Windows 7.  My system has 2 fingers enrolled, and I also have preboot authentication where I use my fingerprint to enter the BIOS Power-On password.


  1. Open Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a Program.  Scroll down to Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro and then click on "Uninstall/Change".
  2. Click "Yes" at the prompt about "Are you sure...?"
  3. When the uninstallation finishes, click on "Finish" to restart the computer as prompted.
  4. After the reboot, log into Windows using your Windows password.
  5. Upgrade to Windows 10
  6. After the upgrade, open Device Manager (type Device Manager into the search bar)
  7. Expand the category for “Biometric devices”
  8. Double-click on the fingerprint device. On my system, it’s called “Synaptics FP Sensors (WBF) (PID=0017)
  9. Click on the “Driver” tab
  10. Click on the “Update Driver…” button
  11. Choose the option for “Search automatically for updated driver software…”
  12. You should see a message like “Windows has successfully updated your driver software”. Click on “Close”
  13. Back on the “Driver” tab, confirm that the Driver Version is now 4.5.308.0 or later. This is the latest version of the driver as of July 31, 2015
  14. Click on “Close”, and then close Device Manager.
  15. The next step is to enroll fingerprints in Windows 10, to do this, we use the new Windows 10 feature called “Windows Hello”. To get to it, open Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options
  16. To use Windows Hello, Microsoft requires that you first set a PIN. Under the PIN section, click on the Add button to create a PIN.  Follow the on-screen prompts to create your PIN.
  17. Under the Windows Hello section, find the fingerprint item and click on the “Set up” button. Follow the on-screen prompts to enroll your finger.  Enroll more fingers if you want to.
  18. Windows 7 only: You might see a problem where the “Set up” button is greyed out, and you can’t click on it.  You might also see red text at the top of the Sign-in options windows that says “Some settings are managed by your organization”.  As of July 31, 2015, this is a bug that we are working with Microsoft to solve.  You can manually fix it yourself by modifying the registry.  Download the attached .reg file, double-click it, and then click on “Yes” to confirm that you want to modify the registry.  Reboot the PC and then go back to step 17.


Any questions or comments, please leave them here.  I hope this was helpful.  Thanks for reading!



These systems (with Authentec fingerprint readers) use ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software which is still needed on Windows 10.  It can be downloaded here:  http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds036923


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dmsanz On 2015-07-31, 11:46 AM

It worked for me on my Thinkpad x240, thank you.


I just installed Windows 10 (fresh install) and didn't need to install Lenovo Fingerprint Manager. It was enough with the driver 4.5.308.0 that Windows was able to find through Device manager

carodri2 On 2015-07-31, 17:18 PM

Do you still have power-on by fingerprint support after the upgrade to Windows 10 and using Windows Hello? Since I enrolled in Windows Hello after the Windows 10 upgrade, I cannot power on my T520 with my fingerprint, although I can logon with it. (I was able to power on my machine after the upgrade before enrolling in Hello.)

someotherguy On 2015-07-31, 17:25 PM

Unfortunately, T430 and older (like your T520) will not support power-on by fingerprint in Windows 10 when using Windows Hello.  The supplier of that fingerprint sensor, Authentec, no longer exists.  So it was not possible to make the driver changes needed for Windows Hello support in Windows 10.  You might be able to keep using ThinkVantage Fingerprint software in Windows 10 if it's more important to you to keep the power-on feature.  I haven't personally tried it.  If you can't get it working, let me know and I will see if I can write a similar guide just for these older systems with the Authentec fingerprint reader.

carodri2 On 2015-08-01, 18:31 PM

Thanks for you prompt response! I tried to disable Windows Hello (by removing the PIN and fingerprints), but it appears that once it senses that there are fingerprints registered with the TP Fingerprint Software (v 6.0), it re-enrolls them in Windows Hello and it doesn't allow me to power-on the machine with the fingerprint. Do you have any suggestions on how to have it work the same way it did in Windows 8.1 (one swipe for both power-on and sign-in)? A guide for the Authentec fingerprint reader and Windows 10 would be awesome.


Incidentally, I also tried a system restore -- that didn't work either, :-(.

Skoop On 2015-08-02, 14:38 PM

What's the relationship between a driver of any particular version and the PID number?  Looking around, I can find the 308 driver for both pid=0017 (mine) and at least one other, pid=0011. 


Are the drivers interchangeable, or pid-specific?

someotherguy On 2015-08-03, 12:46 PM

For the laptop systems with Synaptics fingerprint, it is the same driver for all the different PIDs.

someotherguy On 2015-08-03, 12:50 PM

For Windows 10 on a system with Authentec Fingerprint (like ThinkPad T430), I got everything working (including power-on) by installing ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software version 6.0:  http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds036923


Then, only use ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software to enroll fingerprints.  Do not use Windows Hello to enroll fingerprints.  Remove any existing fingerprints that might be enrolled in Windows Hello.

tangoo On 2015-08-04, 23:49 PM

Deleted by author

someotherguy On 2015-08-05, 0:03 AM



For ThinkPads T430 and older, ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software 6.0 is all you need.  It includes the driver that works on Win10.  No need for anything else.



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