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ThinkPad battery won't charge past 50% under Windows 8


My new ThinkPad won't charge past 50% under Windows 8.  What can I do to get 100% use of the battery and full run time on each charge?  I need the run time for mobile computing!



The battery health mode control, found within the Power section of the Lenovo Settings application allows customers to select whether they want to maximize lifespan of the battery by limiting charge levels, or maximize system run time on a single charge by fully charging the battery.


Start by clicking on the Green Lenovo settings application


Win8 Lenovo settings.png


Next, scroll and click on the power component within settings


Win 8 power setting.png


Now, select "always fully charge".  


The setting Automatically optimize for battery life will limit charge to only 50% of the battery capacity.  If you select the optimize setting and charge level is more than 50%, even with AC plugged in, the system will discharge from battery in AC discharge mode until the level reaches 50% where it will remain.  Once you unplug, the battery will continue to discharge again until plugged in, at which time it will recharge to 50%. While this may extend useful life of the battery, this limits the available run time on battery.



Win 8 battery health.png



Please Note:


This feature is being removed via Lenovo Settings Dependency Package 1.3 or later for Windows 8.1:



When you install the latest version of the Lenovo Settings Dependency Package (, Battery Health Mode will become disabled and the setting will no longer be available to change within Lenovo Settings.  Your battery will always fully charge.


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heinemann On 2013-07-26, 14:40 PM


  1. when this isn't fixing the problem (even though the setting is set to "Always fully charge" and it isn't charging although you restarted the ThinkPad)
  2. than try to unplug the battery pack from the board and plug it back in (worked for me and my T430u)!
Planxty On 2013-10-13, 19:17 PM

I haven't the "Battery Health Mode". I Click on "Power"  but there are only 4 other options.

(I use a win 8, german version)

Where can I find this?

lead_org On 2013-10-16, 13:13 PM



Which model ThinkPad do you have? Also do you have OEM Windows 8?

Planxty On 2013-10-17, 16:32 PM

I got a E530 with "Windows 8 pro"

Mark_Lenovo On 2013-10-28, 22:19 PM



Please note that this feature is being removed via settings dependency package or later.   This update should eliminate confusion and ensure battery can be fully charged.



libelle2000 On 2013-10-31, 21:52 PM
Hi! I faced the same problem with a X1 Carbon and an upgrade didn't work. Only uninstalling > reboot > insalling package > reboot ended successfully for me Cheers
riptilian On 2014-01-03, 21:55 PM


The Think Vantage applications for my t430 do not include the power manager utility. From this discusion, it appears that it is no longer available? The so called power manager driver is installed manually - the system update utility does not install it. Is this correct?

From reading the descriptions of PM, it appear that the battery lasts longer if charge level maintained roughly between 40-70%, but there is no longer a setting in power management that enables this automatically?

The Lenovo Dependency Settins app installed but does not do anthing except off to reistall itself. Is this normal?

GaryWW On 2014-03-22, 14:58 PM

Hi Mark

I have a G505s running Windows 8.1 purchased January 2014 and have recently noticed that the battery will only charge to 60% capacity.  I have looked for the Lenovo Settings app, but I do not appear to have it.  Your advice please.


G Wood

RainmanP On 2014-04-16, 7:39 AM

Does it have the Lenovo Energy Manager?  If so open that.  Then in the upper right corner you will see a little icon consisting of 3 horizontal lines in a circle.  This is the Settings icon.  Click it.  Then out to the far right click another Settings button.  Is Conservation Mode turned on?  This mode keeps the battery at about 60% to prevent overcharging and long-term damage.  If you keep your laptop plugged in most of the time you want to keep this turned on.  If you unplug and use it on battery most days, turn Conservation Mode off.  I keep it turned on most of the time and only turn it off when I know I am going to be using battery the next day.

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