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Re: How long can I reccive the computer?

2008-11-06, 1:54 AM
My order is still in process.  Is there any more specific information than that?

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Re: How long can I reccive the computer?

2008-11-06, 12:22 PM

The shipping notice was actually the first, and so far only, message I received from Lenovo. Prior to that, I had to log into my Lenovo account on my own to see what it's status was.


Sidenote - I almost didn't receive my T400 as scheduled. The address label was correct. But for some unexplained reason, there was a small "supplemental" label stuck on top of it. Whoever typed up the second label transposed a "9" in my address as a "6". That really messed up the UPS person. It was 6:30pm when I finally received it. Oh well, not my problem. My only "problem" now is setting up and becoming familiar with my first Thinkpad. And so far everything is looking good.

"Hello. My name is Joe and I am a Thinkpad addict." "Hello Joe. We understand."

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Re: New and improved T-series shipping thread

2008-11-11, 5:52 AM

Hi. Can anyone give me an idea where to ask about the status of my order and why it has already been delayed two times? I placed an order for T61 about three weeks ago. According to experience of some people whose posts I read here, this could be too early to complain. But I'm just getting totally frustrated by the phone operators. One of them says he can't find my order in the system. The other guy says my laptop will be shipped this week. The order status page keeps delaying estimated shipment date about once in ten days. I tried sending emails to websales@lenovo.com, but I'm not getting any responses from them. I've seen that on a few occasions, moderators and Lenovo staff have been able to give some guidance to the people in similar situation. If anyone can do that, your help would be appreciated. I can post the customer and order number here if you are willing to help.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: New and improved T-series shipping thread

2008-11-14, 23:51 PM

Update: 11/14/08: T400 CTO


- best laptop I have used to date

- perfect size (14.1") for school/work use

- battery life with 9 cell is phenomenal!

- can play games such as Left 4 Dead at medium to high settings with ~20fps average


 Looks like my apprehensions were baseless. Thanks for not destroying the IBM heritage Lenovo! Good stuff. :smileywink:


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Changed Status, Then Shipped!

2008-11-21, 23:22 PM

I ordered a T400 CTO on Nov. 9th and the confirmation order listed a ship date of Nov. 20th. As of Nov. 20th the status remained as "In Process." Today, Nov. 21st in the morning, the "Estimated Ship Date" was changed to December 2nd. Finally this afternoon (Nov. 21st) I received an e-mail message that the T400 was shipped. The tracking number will be posted tomorrow. So all in all, it took two weeks from the date or the order to the shipped date!




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Re: New and improved T-series shipping thread

2008-11-22, 1:41 AM

Ordered T500 on the 18th.  Got a shipping notice that it was shipped today the 21st!



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Re: New and improved T-series shipping thread

2008-11-24, 17:33 PM

I ordered T400 on Nov 16th and received today , unboxed. Try typing on keyboard , do not notice that keyboard flexes , feel much better than Sony Viao SZ340 whose keyboard flexes like hell. So far so good : )


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Re: New and improved T-series shipping thread

2008-12-01, 22:12 PM
I checked order status of my T400 at web site and it's "blocked". Does it mean some problems with credit card or it's just an internal status set by Lenovo like "waiting for parts to arrive"?

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2008-12-02, 0:07 AM

After waiting more than a month longer than my expected ship date, I finally got my computer. Everything seemed fine until I tried gaming on it. Everything was much more jerky than it should have been.... Somehow, they "forgot" to put the second stick of RAM in my computer. This whole process with Lenovo has been a complete let down. I didn't get any apology for the way that I was treated through the whole ordeal, and I've been waiting on hold for someone on the phone for twenty minutes with no sign of getting through yet. I want my RAM. Order #: 2D1YQE


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McLean, VA

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detailed status info

2008-12-04, 18:15 PM

Would someone please look into order #2D641F


2764CT   CONFIGURED SYSTEM  12/12/08

                 42X6338   SBB INT.CORE2DUOPROCT9400

                 42X1587   VBB MSWIN VISTA ULTIMATE 32

                 44C1034   SBB G W VISTAULT32 US ENGLISH

                 42X6321   SBB 14.1 WXGA+ TFT, W/ CAMERA

                 42X6315   SBB AMD M82XT HYBRID 256MB

                 42X6305   VBB 2GBPC3-8500 1067MHZ2DIMM

                 42X6355   SBB KYB US ENGLISH

                 42X6323   SBB ULTRNAV(TRP+TOUCHP)FINGERP

                 42X6351   SBB 160GB HDD/7200RPM

                 42X6345   SBB DVDRECORD.8XMAXDUAL,ULTBAY

                 42X6312   VBB EXPR.CARDSLOTXN7-1M.CARDR. 

                 62P6054   VBB INTEGR.BLUETOOTH PAN

                 42X6325   SBB INT.WIFI LINK5300

                 42X6328   SBB INTG.WIR.WIDENET UPGRAD. 

                 42V9337   SBB 4 CELL LI-ION BATERRY

                 39T6442   SBB COUNTRY PACK NORTH AMERICA 

                 42X6388   SBB LPACK US ENGLISH



I can see only Status: In process

Is there any way to get more detailed information?


Thank you!

Message Edited by dkroz on 12-04-2008 01:46 PM
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