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Battery life T580 in Linux

2020-07-09, 17:41 PM


I am using Suse Thumbleweed and Windows 10.

Have 2 batteries, the internal and one that has extra capacity (only expands below).

The runtime in Windows is about 10 hours. In Linux i think about 3 hours.

So, this seems very sad out of the box. People other experiences with this laptop and Linux?


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Re:Battery life T580 in Linux

2020-07-15, 10:15 AM

This is unrealistic. You cannot have a laptop with two batteries installed on your system work so less on those batteries.

Ensure that you have installed the updated firmware and drivers on your system.

Also, disable hardware acceleration to see if that stops the huge battery draining on your laptop.

Shut down the processes that take up the huge power of your laptop.


You have provided very limited information so I would be able to tell you only this much.

Ask me if you need more help.



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Re:Battery life T580 in Linux

2020-07-16, 3:15 AM



Different versions of Linux have different flavors of support for hardware specific performance items such as battery life optimization.   I use and am familiar with Fedora Linux but also use Gnome Desktop.


My suggestion is to move to a forum for your linux version, and look for battery display software available from your software installation repositories.  The Gnome desktop environment has one named Gnome-Power-Manager.  Check under the desktop environment you are using.  (There are about a dozen different desktops, not all of them use X-Windows system. )


Lenovo is moving to support Fedora linux.  If battery life is a problem for you, experiment using the Fedora LIVE USB, to see if there is improvement.  DON"T install it unless the LIVE image demonstrates all functions you are looking for.  Just boot from the LIVE USB and use your system for a few days, maybe a week, to be sure it is better.  Under Fedora the Gnome desktop has a power GUI with similar functions as Windows does.  My system gets similar battery life to Windows, but it is slightly less unless I try hard to minimize power use.  I use an Ideapad 330 with 30 amp hour battery.




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