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*Clicking* sounds at powering on while using SSD and everything works fine.

2020-09-19, 12:50 PM

Just to log this behavior,


  • My laptop (T450s with NVIDIA graphics) started to make load clicking sound a half a year ago everytime it turn of from a powerd down state (Sleep or Powered Off).
  • The clicking will goes on for about 1 or 2 minutes and then stops. 
  • I have no Hard Disk (I have full SSD, no hybrid)
  • Sound is comming from the Fan Area
  • I cleaned out the Fan area and confirmed the fan is spinning nicely without problems. I also can't hear the fan speed being influenced by the clicking
  • The clicking sound almost electrical, like little sparks going in a random interval with an average of about 0,5 seconds.
  • The sound are rather load, it can be heard from accross the room.e (no coil whine and a bit loader then a faulty hard drive would make)



The laptop still works fine and I have no noticable problems so far but I was scared the first time I heard it and I'm still kidna scared that it will just die on me. But it is doing this already for half a year now so its rather strange.



I'm just putting it out here for recording purpose and maybe someone has solved this mistery already. ;)


T450s is best laptop I have had so far. To bad they don't make such laptops anymore, the new T-Serie can't really be called the T-Serie anymore, it misses so much compare to what the old T-Series used to have.


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