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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-12, 18:30 PM


"Keep it in a protective case (suggestions?"


HALIBURTON aluminium case. (Pre measure the case/laptop with any "stick-out" battery, if applicable.)


An SSD may be a better option for 2 reasons, shock protection - no spinning platter, and is much faster than a regular HD.


"Next Day" is also a plus along with a "spare" older unit for minimum downtime.

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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-12, 20:05 PM
Those aluminum case like you pull pieces out for camera equipment sure will protect it in transportation. But that does not make a rugged notebook. Once out of the case being used, moved around, open & closing the screen etc is still vulnerable to failure of plastics, hinges (I heard they're not covered why not), palm rest etc

I believe the T520 is a bit tough in the plastic palm area. I don't feel mine flexing. There is no way not to stress the area given the keyboard placement and I don't know a single typist who types with their hands hovering in the air above the keyboard. I has to take the weight of wrists/hands. All models need to otherwise its a deseign or engineering deficiency.
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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-14, 4:52 AM

I have a T510 that I bought for college and it has been rock solid for over a year. It goes to school with me all the time and still looks like new except for normal wear on the keyboard keys. The T530 uses the same chasis so you should have just as good of a machine.


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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-14, 15:05 PM

Your chances with the T420 are better than the other models.

I can't say you'll have 99% uptime because s*it happens. But with the T420 there is no one single issue that sticks out in my mind.


The list of problems I see on a daily basis with the T410 is too long to list.

The T410s needs to be handled with kid gloves with it being thin and light, there are a number of defective screens with a 1" vertical band that causes issues.


For the T420s I've replaced 10 - 15 systemboard over the apst few months due to the not starting up out of the blue.


We had a batch of T420 units with screen issues but they were only tiny lines and pixels out so you could still get by.

I think you should do ok with the T420


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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-17, 22:44 PM

If you can't wait for next day service, then you need full redundancy so buy a second T420. Actually, you'll probably want a third T420 to keep offsite. (Buy 2 more T420 systems). I also recommend using an SSDs in your systems. Intel tends to have the highest rated SSD reliability, and you are looking for enterprise grade reliability. So purchase an Intel 710. Better yet, buy 2 per system, and put the second one in optical drive slot. (Buy 6 Intel 710 SSDs & 3 HDD bay adapters). Then build an on-site backup server in a RAID-6 configuration a third (and maybe a fourth) for your on-site backup. Don't forget about offsite backup -- or a fire or other unexpected issue could take out everything. 


Looks like what you need is the following:


  • Two more T420 systems, both of these systems and your current system need on-site warranties (~$3,000)
  • Three adapters to put the second hard disk where the optical drive is. (~$150)
  • 3 Fire & Waterproof safes to store the T420, one should be light weight so you can carry your everyday machine in it to class (~$600)
  • Offsite 24-hour accessible storage for one backup T420 for two years (Free - if you have friends; Otherwise ~$500)
  • Vehicle with 99% uptime so you can access the offsite storage. (I suggest public transit and a nice bike, maybe $500 total. Or you could go with a brand new Camry / Accord and with public transit and a bike as the backup for $30,000. But you might want a jetpack or helicopter incase the roads are closed, flooded, etc. If you need that, you can price it out yourself.).
  • 6 Intel 710 SSDs (2 per T420, configured in a RAID 1) ($750 each for 200GB model, $4,500 for all six)
  • On-site backup server, configured to backup to an off-site backup. (both on-site and off-site backup should be configured in a RAID 6) ( Server drive run $300 each, you need a minimum of 5 drives per server, so $3000 for drives; you should be able to pick up the rest of the server for maybe $2,000 each . . . so $4,000 for the servers. $7,000 for servers, plus colocation fees (unless you have friends with fast connection). Oh make sure you have a screen & keyboard for the server, that way you can use the server as an additional machine if necessary. (Free - you probably own an old monitor.)
  • Contact with a local IT company to provide you with 24-7 service if something fails or needs to be reconfigured. (Price Varies)
  • Did I miss anything?

So $15,000 - $46,000+. Uptime, it is expensive. For the money, why don't you purchase a toughbook, configure some Intel 320 SSDs in raid (the 320 is the non-enterprise version of the 710) or the Samsung 830 and use an offsite backup. Keep the T420 in a good safe in 24 hour accessible storage and make sure you have a way to get there that has 99% uptime. Then you can keep the extra money.


What I don't understand is why you are fretting. I'm sure the University has a computer lab. Just keep an on-site and off-site back up of important work and a system image and deal with next-day service. Maybe consider having a desktop to use if your laptop goes down. It'll cost significantly less. I've had my T420 for about nine months without significant incident (although there was a major issue when I first received it). I do have a few minor white dots on the screen that I plan on having replaced. I've had my T400 for about 2.5 years and other than issues with the screen (white dots) and hibernation / sleep it has had rock solid reliability.


I do recommend keeping some spare parts. A spare brick and some extra trackpoint nubs will do wonders for uptime. I seem to go through one power brick per year per machine. Both of the machines I own are used by extremely mobile people and it is not unusual for each machine to be moved to a new location five or more times in a day. This seems to cause failures in the brick or its wiring. One time the brick was actually ok, it was just the AC cord that broke on me. Lenovo has always been great about shipping me a new brick and they usually arrive on the next business day. 

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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-17, 23:40 PM




Dear nibs,


I see that you do not grasp the service responsibilities that the OP requires, as in your flagrant disregard of:


1) Additional spare battery power when mobile.


2) Recharability hardware whilst during auto/plane transit.


3) Back-up in case of power failure c/w voltage conditioning feature aka uniterruptible power supply at each

recharge station, with spare batteries.


4) Portable generator set(s) at (each of) the above location(s), c/w fresh fuel & containment of additional for same.


5) Multi satelite/carrier web access, 24/7.


6) Repsonsible internet security, eg firewall, anti-virus, etc, c/w 24/7 online/voice assistance.


7) . . .







I love my LENOVO.
T 410s, WIN 7, 128 SSD, 64 Ult.

I do not work for LENOVO.

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Re: Is 99% Hardware Uptime Likely (T420)?

2012-05-18, 19:52 PM

Thanks for all the replies.  And thanks for the hard case suggestion. 


I'm on my t420 right now, and I can tell it is more durable than typical laptops, so based on others' experiences, I think I have a decent shot at not having any hardware failures  - screen, CPU, HDD, chassis, etc. - over the next two years. That's really all I'm interested in. Software and BIOS issues don't worry me. 

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