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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2010-01-22, 23:08 PM

Unfortunately, the issue has reappeared!


Looks like it occurred when I upgraded the Power Management (PM) drivers from v 3.05 to 3.12.  If I could find the old 3.05 drivers, I could verify.


To recap, when I updated the BIOS to the latest version while using PM v 3.05, the issue went away.  However, after updating to PM v 3.12, it's back!


If anyone has a copy of them or knows of an archived source, please reply and I'll try to replicate the situation.


Thanks... Brian

T400 2764CTO
Windows 7 x64

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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2010-01-26, 4:04 AM

I would suggest removing all utilites you do not care for.


Control panel Uninstall programs, the utilites are not for the unexperienced and Microsoft are fine


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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2010-02-13, 6:47 AM



i have also the Standby-Problem. From 10 tries, it works 7 times and 3 times the screen remains black.


Also from Hybernation, the sreen comes on, display "windows is resuming" and then - black again...


I can help me with FN + F4, then it goes sleep again, then wakeup - it works.


Newset Updates, newest Bios, Security Chip enabled... other ideas?





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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2010-02-22, 15:39 PM

Folks, i've experienced this problem myself on a fresh install of Win 7 x64 on my T400

I'm still experiencing some issues with stability, but overall I think this issue has been resolved for me.


First, system restore is not up to date. Not sure why, but thats unfortunate.

I updated to the latest bios now.

Some threads I've read strongly recommend restoring the bios to setup defaults. I think this is a good idea, and it takes very little time to reset the changes I like.

Apparently this has resolved my "bluetooth not working after standby resume".


I also manually updated the Thinkpad PM device to 1.60 (System update was out of date for this too).


Give that a shot, and lets hope it resolves your problem as well. Standby issues are such a pain, I had 0 problems with my Vista 32bit install...I hope these issues with Win7 will be resolved soon!


Good luck!


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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2011-01-13, 19:36 PM

On all of our T60 and X201T (2985-c7u) laptops, this issue of occasional Black Screens on resume from Standy / Suspend are terribly annoying.  I've spoken to Lenovo support a few times and I've never been able to make it past first level with this issue, which may indicate it is a known problem.  One time, the support technician suggested (maybe it was a slip) that this was caused Static, and all I needed to do was, with the power cord and battery removed, press the power button 11 times and on the 11th time, hold it for 30 seconds.


If it is caused by static, or more specifically, a hardware state which is the result of static and creates a unstable driver state, that could describe why this issue is so hard to replicate.  And, it explains why it hasn't been fixed, since it is difficult to predict in drivers and expensive to circumvent in hardware (recalls, redesigns, ...).


I've only seen this behavior on Lenovo hardware (not Dell) and on Windows Vista / Windows 7 (not XP).  This seems to eliminate Intel Hardware, Intel Drivers, Windows Vista/7, leaving Lenovo Hardware and Drivers.


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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2011-02-09, 17:41 PM
I have the same problem with my T500 Win7 32 Bit but only when the laptop is in the docking station

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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2011-02-09, 17:42 PM

Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
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Re: T400: Sometimes Black Screen after standby (win64 x64)

2011-05-16, 17:32 PM
Same problems here (T400 Win7 64bit.) I've updated all my video drivers and BIOS to the latest posted on the Lenovo site too. The problem seems to happen only occasionally but last time it was just before I was about to give a talk of course. All the Mac folks in the room were having a good time of it :-) Will someone form Lenovo please help. I can collect my system info and send it if only someone would say where.
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