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Re: T400 gave a "configuration change" and won't turn on anymore

2018-03-14, 20:34 PM

I also register one vote for "dead".


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Re: T400 gave a "configuration change" and won't turn on anymore

2018-03-15, 0:37 AM

Honestly, the only time I seen the word "configuration change" is when Intel ME is active. Even so, Intel ME should not affect the BIOS even if it's firmware is corrupt. I have that issue on my T61.


You are not using a modified or third party BIOS right?


if the configuration change occurred because you somehow left a BIOS flasher in startup and it was writing halfway, then your whole motherboard is as good as gone...


You can consider a motherboard replacement entirely at your own expense. Get a similar one on eBay. Have the FRU on hand.


Btw - how often do voltage spikes occur in your area? Is there a surge protector installed in your office/home where your unit is placed?


Would be useful if you can take your apart your unit and take some photos of your motherboard.


Consider looking out for burn marks. If you have ever smelt something burning before, let us know as well.


Either your computer ran into a BIOS bug that crashed it (somehow) or something got fried.


Most importantly, you haven't told us at which point of startup you seen the message "Press Esc for Configuration Change" - select from one of these below (the full boot sequence IIRC), not all may apply to you depending on how you have set it up:


Thinkpad Bootup Logo


Power-On Password/Fingerprint Authentication


F12 Boot Selection Dialog


F11 Recovery Option


Windows Boot Manager/Linux GRUB/GRUB2


Windows Load Screen


Windows Intermediary Load Screen (starting UI - that is represented with a black screen in WIndows Vista - 7, and a spinning white circle without the Windows Logo in Windows 8 and higher. In Windows XP and below it is representor with a single blinking white cursor.


Starting Windows... Screen


Lock Screen/Ctrl-Alt-Del Dialog


Credential Acceptance Screen


Profile Loading Screen


Desktop - Loading Start-Up Items


Boot-Up Finished.


Tell us between which two processes you saw this dialog. I am with richk there is a possibility of death.

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Re: T400 gave a "configuration change" and won't turn on anymore

2018-03-15, 4:37 AM
I have exactly the same issue on my old T500.
Turned it off yesterday, and when I turned on again later I got the same symptoms you describe. Followed the same troubleshooting too. Lights are on but nobody's home.

I'm running Ubuntu Linux though, and there's some suggestion the original 17.10 version had a problem that bricks the BIOS on some Lenovo machines. There seem to be workarounds, but as I can't get he thing to turn on, I can't do anything with it.
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