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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-02-02, 14:51 PM

Hi Botta! See this thread.

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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-02-03, 2:55 AM

Hi Warren64c:


The funny part is that I also own the T400 and I haven't had any problems yet. It's solid as a rock! Additionally, I've upgraded the HD and it's been great.




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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-02-03, 2:57 AM



I believe I had already tried updated the audio drivers as well. However, has anyone had luck getting their speakers to work after updating with this audio driver?






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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-02-03, 13:49 PM

ok... i just replaced my speakers and here is the picture of the old ones:



as you can see new driver is not going to help you if you have already lost sound because they are melted


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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-02-21, 8:53 AM

Are you sure what you write?


I updated the drivers and BIOS before repairing the speaker.


Now the speaker is silent again!


Can you explain the deal?


I don't want to keep sending it to the service until the laptop is old enough to stay in the trash can!



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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-03-02, 3:21 AM

I think i may find how this issue happens. See this post here.





"I had mine for a week as well and left it off overnight, but plugged in. When I woke up I noticed it was a bit hot, and when I opened it up, part of the plastic mesh was melted."


**bleep** !!! can you see the picture?  The machine overheat and the left speaker melted !!


It should due to the faulty design from lenovo!  


I have my t43, my dell, my hp plugged in over nights and nights . They never  overheat!


Though my speaker didn't melt, it hasn't been working since i got my new t410 for just 5 days.






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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-03-02, 12:58 PM

It might be a software issue - maybe your L/R balance is not tuned, check it in audio panel.


If there's all right in the audio panel then you might try restore to factory default to be sure it's not a software issue.


After you're done with it please refer to lenovo directly - you will be given some options on repair.

//help will save the world

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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-03-02, 16:31 PM

Speakers should not use electricity when they don't make sounds. From the looks of it this one did, so it was probably a faulty part. Probably hard to catch by any automated self-test as everything works fine software-wise.


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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-03-03, 7:10 AM

Hi Mark,

No need to learn German for the T410 speaker meltdown issue.

Just check out the following NotebookReview forum posts. There are pictures of the meltdown showing through the front grill of the speaker.

There are a few people posting about this and it could be related to the fact that the wires going to the left speaker happen to be routed over CPU/fan heatsink.

By taking a look a the T400s/T410s Hardware Maintenance Manual, I noticed that there is a slight difference between the speaker wires of the left speaker for the T410s where above the heatsink there seems to be a wider attachment than for the T400s.

Could it be that the T410s has learned a lesson from the T400s, but the T410 didn't??




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Re: T400s No Sound

2010-03-15, 20:45 PM

I've had much the same problem that others are reporting, but with a twist.


My T400s came in late January, with speakers working fine.  A few weeks later, they failed (with headphones still working) to the accompaniment of burning plastic smells.  So I updated from BIOS version 1.11 to BIOS 1.12-1.02 and convinced Lenovo to replace the speakers.  The repairman left me the old speakers as a souvenir; they have visible warping from melting.  The new speakers worked fine, and it looked like case closed.


That was until this morning, when the speakers made no sound upon login.  Once again, the headphones still worked and -- even worse -- the melting plastic smell was back.


With new BIOS and new speakers, I don't know what else could have happened.  Any ideas?




Technical info: T400s type 2801 with Intel Core 2 Duo P9600
Dual boot with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Ubuntu 9.10
Windows Conexant 20585 SmartAudio HD driver version

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