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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2009-10-04, 0:21 AM

Yup - the 90W PSU was a false hope; After a week with no shutdowns - it just shutdown.  I'll try the bios setting mentioned in the other thread...




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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2009-10-04, 6:58 AM

Well, I tested my theory again and after 2 weeks of no shutdowns, but always using the T400s plugged into A/C that was on a UPS, I decided to try it again on A/C without a UPS.  It happened again.  So for me, it always happened only when on direct A/C.  Whenever on a UPS, it never rebooted.


Sorry guys, I returned my T400s.  I really like that machine, and I'll be watching this thread for a fix.  If a fix is found, I'll be first in line to buy a T400s again, but I can't be dealing with possibly losing work due to random shutdowns.  I'm confident Lenovo will fix this problem, I just hope it's fixed soon so I can get a T400s again.


Good luck guys.


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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2009-10-04, 12:09 PM

I probaly had vmm and vd-t disabled when shutdown occured last week, because I never touched these settings and just checked it is disabled. So I would guess it is not vmm into question. In the cpu settings, only multicore settings is enabled.

I really wonder why for some it happens so often whereas for others (like me) shutdowns occur less frequently.

It happened only once with me.

Is vmm enabled by default?

Notice that when shutdown occured I was testing GPS (which was not able to locate the laptop)

T61, UZ2AQGE 2.5 Ghz, XP Pro SP3
T400s, NSF20UK, 2.4 GHz, SSD 128 GB, Vista B

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2009-10-07, 20:23 PM

I'm on day 4 now without any shutdowns, and like i said the only thing i've found so far is disable the virtual settings in the bios.


On a side note, still waiting on my replacement motherboard to come in to stock.


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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2009-10-07, 20:53 PM

I have to say, I'm really impressed by the on-site Lenovo support, called the Norwegian support number late on Monday, describe all my problems with my T400s and two days later this nice guy replace my broken cassy, replaced the motherboard, the dvd-drive.. more or less everything beside the screen, hard drive and ram.


Let's hope this will solve the problem, or he would be happy to replace my entire machine.

That's some really nice support!


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me Re: T400s random shutdowns

2009-10-08, 13:13 PM

Same thing here !


T400s 2808, shutdown once per day. initial configuration with Vista Pro 32bit. No "virtual" enabled in the bios. Even on AC and Battery.


Hope that we will fix this quickly because I love this device but it became dangerous for me to llose my work as fast as it shut down !






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Re: Brand new Lenovo ThinkPad T400s (NSDCVMN / 2808CVG) suddenly shutting down?

2009-10-08, 15:32 PM

After trying undocked and getting the same issues, I decided to swap my HDD into another T400s - same BIOS version, same system model.


Going on third day without a shut down (knock on wood!) and leaning towards this being a "few off" hardware issue.  I may try this with my other user as well if I can go a week, and then RMA these funky ones...


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Re: Brand new Lenovo ThinkPad T400s (NSDCVMN / 2808CVG) suddenly shutting down?

2009-10-10, 4:08 AM

Crap - I already ordered my system and saw this post - I will call sale tomorrow and find out about cancelling the order - I had so good expectations of this machine.


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Another random shutdown... ;-(

2009-10-11, 2:21 AM

Just had another random shutdown ;-( So, that's 3 now. Similar to the previous shutdowns, the machine was connected to AC and left to idle. I was away from the machine for approx. 30 mins and came back to find it off.


Would really love to hear from a Lenovo Rep. on the what knowledge they have on this problem!




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Re: Another random shutdown... ;-(

2009-10-13, 10:59 AM

Does anyone here with the random shutdown problem have BIOS v1.07? A friend just received his T400s and it came with BIOS v1.07 (which is not yet available for download). I posted a thread about it here: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/T400s-BIOS-1-07/td-p/164541


He hasn't had any random shutdowns yet, but he's only had the machine for a couple days. I'm wondering if v1.07 may contain the random shutdown fix??


Another friend is also getting a T400s (yes, we are forming a club! ;-P) which is due to be delivered soon, it will be interesting to see what BIOS version his comes with...



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