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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2010-03-24, 4:12 AM

It is now 2 1/2 weeks since my second MB replacement.


During install of the first replacement MB (p/n 60Y-5694 replacing p/n 43Y-9977) the tech damaged the keyboard, which required another service visit some days later to install a new KB.


The same day that new KB was installed, the recently installed MB failed totally.


That required a more than two-week interval without the machine after which yet another MB, this one p/n 63Y-1370 was installed.


I am pleased to report that I have no random shutdowns since installation of that part.


Lenovo's handling of the problem was grossly unacceptable but I do now have a functioning machine.


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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2010-03-24, 8:01 AM
I have motherboard replaced, replacement around 10.2.2010. After replacement, i do not have any rendom shutdowns anymore. So i hope, replacement really solved the problem.
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ifhgRe: T400s random shutdowns

2010-03-24, 19:36 PM

Allright i have got my thinkpad back. I haven't noticed any shutdowns or freezes even with bios power saving features enabled. Even the whine from the computer has dissapeared. I got the 63y motherboard and i am very satisfied with the lenovo service. And not a single scratch infact they have claned the speakers from dust.

I think it is very unfortunate that there was a problem for the beginning but i am happy the way lenovo corrected the problem. Although i did use the migr no. as a reference...


Thanks lenovo :-)


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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2010-03-27, 18:44 PM

I had purchased a T400s from a microsoft store in early February this year. With two first shutdowns within last week, I encountered to what I am now finding in lenovo forums as "the random shutdown issue". I am your average joe notebook user (does not change settings, mostly uses notebook as is, download few programs).


To avoid any further delays and without being completely able to read the lenovo forum 50 page issue discussion, I took it back to the store, where they were kind enough to replace it with a similar one even if it had passed their 30 day return policy. But they did not seem to know of this issue. "May be all parts are not made same" & may be I will luck out with this exchange.


Unfortunately, I did not note down the motherboard number of the one I returned. If the 60Y##### number sticker within the box is the MB number then I can absolutely say both my notebooks had 60Y######. (country of origin: china, 2009/9/24)


Lenovo/IBM is a good brand. I have been a hard core fan, own 4 to 5 for personal use of me and my family members (T43 through T400s). The quality has been so good that I never had to buy any extra warranty on my notebooks. The oldest one is going 5 yrs +.


Having said that, I pay premium price to use a solid product and to avoid headaches of fixing/returning/rebuilding/RMAin products. But with T400s fiasco, my trust in lenovo/IBM is quite shaken.


I dont plan to buy extended warranty. I expect T400s to work. If it does not, I will be proud owner of a 1000$ lemon. I will take my chance for that to happen. But if it does happen, that will be my last premium notebook purchase. I will start purchasing 300$ usual junk from whoever.


I will not be able to report anything that can help duplicate the fail/random shutdown. All I remember trying to do is stream music on win7 T400s lenovo using windows media player from my in network vista lenovo T400 notebook. May be uncorrelated - but T400s immediately shut down as soon as I turned on My network connected netflix streaming Insignia. 


If there are test cases that I can use to re-create random shutdown, please let me know. If there is info, some knowledgeable folks here would like me to post, let me know.




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Re: Tests random shutdowns

2010-03-29, 22:01 PM
Post re R500 shutdown problem moved.
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Something to note for people who are leery of shipping...

2010-03-30, 17:31 PM

You can always take your ThinkPad to a local Authorized Service Provider.  As long as your ThinkPad is within warranty, you can take it to any ASP and they will service the machine just as the main Lenovo depot does.


Just check out the partner locator from the main site!


If your local ASP is like us, we take pride in being authorized to service ThinkPads and you'll also get the face-to-face benefit of dealing with someone local.


Just to note, too, there is an engineering notice for ASPs about the T400s shutdown issue, so when you discuss it with your local ASP, make sure they look up the ECA's for your model.  That will make sure that they address the issue as per Lenovo's recommendations.


Good luck!

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Re: Something to note for people who are leery of shipping...

2010-03-31, 22:41 PM



Thanks for sharing your information - unfortunately, this most recent system you purchased was originally built Sept 25, 2009, and contains a 43Yxxxxx level system board.  Here is the line from your warranty records - the number on the left is the FRU or service part number and the number to the right is the manufacturing number. 


Neither are 60Y level parts.




I would suggest you re-engage service and have them check their tips for advice on this issue.  I know the information is available for them.    While you are on the phone with support, I would also advice you to ask them about what number to fax your proof of purchase to, so that your warranty end dates can be reset to ensure you get a full year of warranty from the date of your purchase.


Best regards,




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Re: Something to note for people who are leery of shipping...

2010-03-31, 23:20 PM

Okay, so... I wanted to check back in and give a quick update on the status of my repair process, which is now complete.


I originally sent my ThinkPad in about a month ago... They did indeed replace the motherboard, but upon closer inspection I noticed some damage had been done to the wires that connect both the wireless card, and the mobile broadband card. Both of which I use extensively!


I was obviously upset, but was soon contacted by a Lenovo employee regarding what had happened. They set me up with a second repair to replace the wires, however, they brought the laptop to Lenovo Headquarters to perform the repair as opposed to it going to The Depot Repair Center. Upon the return of my laptop this time, and my subsequent inspection of it, let me just say... The quality of workmanship was light years beyond that of whoever did the original repair at The Depot. The wires were repaired, but unlike the previous tech that left fingerprints all over the screen, some kinda grimy substance on the LCD cover, and marred up the screw covers... This new tech did everything absolutely perfect.. There was an obvious difference in how much pride the two techs took in their work. Upon return this time around, everything looked like brand new, which is how I sent the unit in. Screen was cleaned, the casing, etc... And this time around new screw covers were supplied!


I think in my particular case the first time around, I just happened to draw a bad hand, and got a tech who didn't take too much pride in his work. This can happen with any company/business, I know... As a network engineer for Fiserv, I have spent the last 5 years cleaning up the messes of those before me, who obviously took little pride in their work.


To the woman who handled my call the first time around, who I could barely understand due to her thick accent, but was super pleasant... I thank you... I hate that companies always seem to farm out first level support calls to India, but you were a pleasure to deal with.


To the tech who did the original repair, I am sure the units you service are recorded, and hopefully the fact you did such a poor job will trickle down to your supervisor, and in turn you, and that in the future you will try a little harder, take a little more time, and do a better job.


Now the important part:


To the Lenovo employee who contacted me in regards to the aftermath of the first repair, and the tech you had do the second repair... You have absolutely restored my faith in the ThinkPad line, and more importantly the service IBM/Lenovo provides. Thank you!


For what it's worth, coming from just some random guy on the Internet, hold your head high, walk with confidence, be proud of what you do, because you do it well... And know that people like you are what make a difference, and people like you are what will keep me coming back to Lenovo when I need PC hardware.


Once again, thank you...




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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2010-04-23, 3:41 AM

Dear Mark_Lenovo,


Could you tell us specifically which is the electronic component that requires a change to fix the sudden shutdown on the T400s ? Which voltage regulator components ?


Some of us are crazy enough to be able and willing to fix it ourselves...

I do know and have experience fixing smd boards, it's ok.

And I'm willing to post pictures of the steps-by-step for other sick people


Thanks in advance.

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

2010-04-26, 8:05 AM
Hallo Guys, I have a T400s 2815-W19 with random shutdowns. Since the last bios update the shutdown frequency has reduced to once a month, which is still not acceptable. I called the support (Germany), but they aren't aware of this problem, so I had to do some hardware tests, which of course found no error. So I have a problem to proof that I have a problem with my ThinkPad. Is there a reference code I can mention or something what can help? Has my T400s 2815-W19 the critical motherboard version? Thanks, Fabian
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