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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2010-10-01, 9:12 AM

Does anyone know if I could use that ultrabay adaptor off ebay in a t510?




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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2010-11-10, 19:38 PM
After you do the steps above, copy the icon into your Startup (start>programs>Startup) folder, and you will not have to click on the icon to start the drive. It will load up on boot-up. Makes the work-around more appealing.

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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2010-11-30, 1:31 AM

Hmmm..  Im glad I didnt worry about any of this when I bought my $12 ebay adapter.   I just assumed it would swap and it does.    Booted off the internal hdd, ejected the DVDRW popped in the adapter with a SATA drive and windows recognized it immediately.     Shows up in  bios, bootable, etc.




Only thing I havent figured out yet is what to do with the 4 mounting screws it comes with.    The drive is just sitting in the tray and theres a plastic clip to hold it in.  But no way to attach the drive to the bay, that I can see.  Its pretty snug as is, but it would be better screwed in place.   I may have to drill some holes through the metal.




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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2011-02-11, 16:28 PM

I just received the same ebay ultrabay caddy that Seancho linked to in the post above this one and I can also confirm that it is recognized in the bios and I can boot from it.


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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2011-04-02, 16:21 PM
I also bought the adapter Seancho posted a link to and it works in my T410. I already had the other adapter that worked in a T400 but would only work in a T410 using the optical drive power-up trick. I was hoping to compare the new one to the old one and find a way to modify the old ones to work with the T410, but despite the fact that the outside is the same the adapter board inside is quite different. Unfortunately, the new adapter is even lower quality than the one I had for the T400. There was not a screw holding the adapter board to the adapter casing so it is hard to line it up with the drive, and there is no activity light, even though the spot in the casing for it is still there. I wish Lenovo would just sell their adapter at a reasonable price. If I could go back to when I bought the T400 adapter and get the official one instead, I would, even at their ridiculous price.

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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2013-03-19, 22:07 PM

Hi guys,


Sorry for making my first post in an old thread, but this one's perfectly related.


This workaround, by using the wake up shortcut, works great in Windows, the second HDD works then perfectly.

But the thing is, this approach really works only on windows.


I'm currently trying to get my Ultrabay work under Linux as well, but so far I've had no luck.

Has anybody gotten it to work under Linux?






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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2013-04-03, 23:11 PM



I cannot help on Linux. However, I have found another way to handle it easier/automatically on Windows (tested on Windows 8). Please read the post in my blog:




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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2013-11-11, 21:54 PM

Now set Automatic Optical Drive Power Off to Enabled on AC and battery. 

After being idle for 5 or 10 minutes your DVD drive will be powered off. Then this new icon (Other E: Powered Off) will appear in My Computer.  


I wish to create a shortcut for system tray icon at my Windows 7 according to the Dd16's short manual in this post. Well, I've enabled Automatic Optical Drive Power Off option in Power Manager for every power plan. Than I waited for "5 or 10 minutes"... and than 10 minutes more... and than several hours more... No any DVD-relative icon appeared in the system tray. :smileymad: What could be the reason? 

Lenovo ThinkPad w530 - all system tray icon


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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

2013-11-14, 22:06 PM



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Re: T410 Ultrabay HDD Question

2014-04-22, 14:54 PM

Hi Darius,


I have registered only to say thank you. You're bloody genius! I have spent hours trying to figure out what's wrong with my caddy and this sorted out my problem in a minute!

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