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Re: T410 User's manual

2014-08-13, 12:31 PM


Thank you for the detailed response. Unfortunately it does not resolve my problems.


First, I'll observe that your "I prefer a separate "Access Help" link" comment is not really about preference, but more about basic reasonableness. To make an analogy, if I bought a new water heater I would expect the installer to install the fool thing, not tuck its parts into various nooks and crannies of my house, where I could find each one of them if I searched hard enough. This experience is making me feel that instead of dealing with an organization run by reasonable people, I'm dealing with a contrary-minded genie who interprets each request I make in some grotesque, unforeseeable way.


Now, regarding the statement that the installer actually will leave the parts of my "hot water heater" in places where I can find them, it didn't happen. I looked at Windows Help, and they're not there. For example, a search for "T410" yields no matches.


Again, I can't think of any reason why this would happen except that I installed my version of Windows with its own product key rather than using the one on the bottom of the machine. (Assuming that's the problem, how would I know in advance that I had to use the Lenovo key? By reading the Lenovo help pages, I suppose! There's a catch-22 here.)


At this point, I'm afraid that the advice to (re)install Windows 7 with the Lenovo product key – if that's the solution to my problem – comes a bit late. I've been using my machine for three or four months, and I'm not about to blow away all the software I've installed and all the configuration I've done to get my hands on the darned user manual!


Regarding the Windows XP installer, I'm afraid it did exactly the same thing as the Windows 7 version: it sat for a long time at 0% done, zipped over the 100% done in a couple of seconds, and failed to install anything usable. I found the directory it used, and again, it contains a.ICO file and a couple of one-line text files. There is also a DLL and a couple of .reg files, but nothing I can execute. It added nothing to the start menu.

Hello, I would like you to :

(1) Read my long post above AGAIN, CAREFULLY. You mis-understand me.

(2) I am assuming you have a Thinkpad T410 which you're trying to install Access Help on. I assume T410 because that is the model the very first, original poster above has. If not, you need to specify your machine type and model. But as I said, I have installed XP version of Access Help without any problems many, many times on T410, W500, T400, T60, etc. all running Windows 7.

(3) So let me try once more to give the main points:


Firstly, I am NOT a Lenovo employee but a fellow Thinkpad T410 owner giving you some friendly advice. Whatever Lenovo does or does not do is up to Lenovo and beyond my control. As a fellow Lenovo laptop owner, I simply shared a simple, practical solution to your problem. Secondly, as I explained above, I wrote a long post as I am a very thorough person, a teacher by trade. But, as I explain above, my post was NOT ONLY FOR YOU, but to help OTHERS also who may read in the future. After all, we must always try to help others :) 


I never advised you to re-install Windows 7- you mis-understood my post above. In your case, you can skip the HELPFUL info. regarding how to install Windows 7- that was meant to help others. You obviously have Windows 7 installed already. (And, by the way, it does NOT matter if you used your own key to activate or the key from under the battery- as long as it's a properly activated Genuine copy of Windows 7). So you can skip to the steps for installing Access Help.


Next, I shared my own personal experience with the Windows 7 version of Access Help for T410. I said it didn't seem to install properly, and I couldn't find any trace of it in the main Windows help system, so I didn't bother with it any further. So why are you surprised when you did NOT find it in Windows main help system either? So that's why I tried the XP version of Access Help, which DOES work.


So, I installed XP version of Access Help for T410 and IT DEFINITELY DOES INSTALL AND DOES WORK under Windows 7 whether 32-bit or 64-bit, and whether Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, any OFFICIAL Genuine version of Windows 7. I provided EXACT link above for download, and screen shots above showing Access Help IS INDEED installed on my laptop. And I have installed XP version of Access Help literally dozens of times on T410 running Windows 7. So if you're still having trouble then something else is wrong- BECAUSE IT WORKS for me and others. Once again, there is nothing wrong with using your own product key, as long as you activated it properly and it's a Genuine, original copy of Windows 7. But you may have some software conflicts, and may need to clean up your registry because of corrupt files, etc. So just take some time to clean up your hard drive configuration, registry, make sure Windows is fully updated, etc. because SOME FILES and SETTINGS are  obviously MESSED UP.  (Just use the <SEARCH> bar above or SEARCH the Internet and you will find lots of info. on how to clean up your registry/ corrupt files, etc.)


I hope you read this new post carefully. I tried to make it as clear as possible. The method works. But there's some problem with your FILES/ SETTINGS/ CONFIGURATION/ REGISTRY/ make sure you have latest WINDOWS UPDATES, etc. If anyone follows the simple steps I detail above, they will DEFINITELY be able to install XP version of Access Help without any problems. XP version of Access Help installs and works perfectly under Windows 7


As a matter of fact, I just installed XP version of Access Help on a T410 I prepared for a client today and it installs and works perfectly under Windows 7 :)

Have a great day. (I do not work for Lenovo)

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Re: T410 User's manual

2014-08-14, 14:49 PM

Anastasios, your earlier post contained a lot of good information, but it was very long and wandering. I don't think there is a need for you to take offense because I couldn't figure out exactly what was on your mind when you wrote it. I'd like to move forward now.

I offered a theory about why the install failed, which you say cannot be correct. I consider it unproved either way, but I'm open to other theories. "Your hard drive is messed up" is too vague to be useful; I'm not about to go on a fishing expedition for an undefined problem in the registry, or maybe the file system, or maybe somewhere else, on no more evidence than the fact that it worked for you.  If you have a theory, I hope you will share it.


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Re: T410 User's manual

2015-02-26, 12:10 PM

Being a pensioner, but wanting a durable machine, I have recently bought a refurbished T410 in vgc. But found the same problem as others of not being able to find a downloadable help/user guide. This recommended solution (below) to download the XP version solved my problem. thank you!



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Re: T410 User's manual

2017-02-05, 1:45 AM

I'm even more stuck trying to find a manual, or even just a few dozen words that tell what the buttons around the trackpad are for!

I bought an erased T410 to use as an Ubuntu laptop for robotics work. So I can't use the Windows help system to find out about the buttons. My normal environment is Mac, so I'm new to Linux too.

It is really hard to believe that there's no PDF of the description of those buttons anywhere, and of course I can't say I've looked everywhere, but I've certainly searched for hours with nothing but dead ends! Some sites promise to townload a manual, but they seem instead to download an app or extension that will control the process (or perhaps infest the machine, who knows) but in any case it never works on a Ubuntu system.

Would someone please tell me what all the buttons above the trackpad are for? I figured out the bottom two...


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Re: T410 User's manual

2017-02-05, 3:35 AM

Good day and welcome to the community.


The three buttons above the touchpad are: left, middle and right buttons like on a mouse, but principally for use with the red trackoint.


Available T410 documentation can be found here: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/ThinkPad-T-Series-laptops/ThinkPad-T410?tabName=Documentation&linkTrack=Mast:SubNav:Support:Documentation|Documentation&beta=false


Hope this helps.


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