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T420 keyboard acts as though specific key combination is being pressed constantly FN and Media_keys

2019-02-24, 2:35 AM

TLDR Can anyone just tell me how I can inherently disable the Next_Track function on this keyboard? 


I have a thinkpad t420 I received from a family member and the whole keyboard and hotkeys work perfectly I just have a couple of issues that are both persistent and intermittent with this laptop. I'm pretty tech savvy and experienced with computers hardware and software.


The main issue that I'm having is one that was kind of difficult to even figure out what exactly the cause of it was but basically my fn key and my media back key(left arrow) or my media next key(right arrow) is being pressed together constantly and rapidly. Under normal conditions this isn't even noticeable after booting the computer until you go to minimize a window and try to restore it. Clicking on minimized windows while this occurs causes them to not restore. They just stay minimized and the only way to restore the window is by alt tabbing back to that window. When I start media players with audio or video files regardless pretty much of which (windows media player, media player classic, vlc) the media instantly skips any currently playing video or audio files, cycling completely through the playlist repeatedly if loop is on without actually stopping to play any of the media files. The third strange effect that this has is that when my mouse hovers over any window on the bottom of the screen the window preview list for said windows flash when my mouse moves over them but when I stop the mouse over them the preview window stops displaying until I begin moving the mouse again. But they're flashing so quickly as I move the mouse over them that the window preview become useless and unreadable anyway and instantly disappears if I try to move the mouse to actually click on one of the stacked windows in the list. The same behavior is present with tooltips present on thumbnails on webpages such as the thumbnails to videos on youtube.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and reinstalling them in different orders to see if that would rememedy the problem. Sometimes when I hibernate the computer and restore it the behavior stops for a few minutes and I've even tested and used the key combination successfully and properly in media players while the behavior has seized. But sometimes it comes back a few minutes later. And sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time however it does. I'd just disable and reenable the keyboard in device manager (on windows 7 64 bit btw) but it doesn't allow you to do that. When the behavior is present it also slows youtube video navigation immensely (just scrolling down the page is super slow and becomes fast again when the behavior seizes) I'm kind of at a loss on this one. It was difficult enough to figure out exactly what the problem was and now that I know what it's doing, I don't know how to stop it from doing it. I have my touchpad and trackpoint disabled in the bios because I just use a regular mouse that I have plugged in if those options make any difference in the hotkey drivers functioning correctly or something. 


Editing this because I want to add that the keyboard is not dirty or in bad condition and when the computer is rebooted into safemode the behavior disappears. This pretty much means that it's a driver issue or conflict of something going on in regular windows 7 64 bit with the hardware of the t420 and the drivers for that hardware. But I'm unable to narrow down any hardware that I'm able to disable or drivers that I can uninstall to make this behavior stop.


And there's one more thing that's quirky about my t420. Whenever I restart the computer my external hard drive and usb audio card that I have plugged in aren't recognized or initialised on startup in windows. I have to manually unplug and plug them back in each time I start the computer and it gets pretty bothersome after a while. I kind of understand the audio device not being recognized as windows 7 may just not be doing the best job with the driver for that card so I'm fine with replugging that but I don't know why my external drive isn't recognised each time I start the computer. It's a bitlocker encrypted drive but I've already given the OS the password and told it to remember it and it doesn't prompt when I replug it. It just shows up and works. Just don't know why it doesn't do that by itself. Changing usb options in the bios hasn't seemed to have made any difference for this problem either. I don't know what to do about either of these problems anymore.

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