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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-18, 2:23 AM



On AC, the fan is still apt to get stuck at 4000 rpms.


Then it still isn't fixed.  Shocked.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-21, 6:09 AM

In contrast to my T420s, Lenovo support is very silent...:smileyfrustrated:


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-26, 9:38 AM

Did they finally drop this? So disappointing!


EDIT: Didn't go to page 100, even more disappointing


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-26, 12:54 PM

After Intalling Bios 1.31 and PM 3.67 my Laptop is much louder. Every litle work make the fan go up to 4k and only commes down at ca: 43°C :(

But on Battery it works normal :D

Getting back to 1.30 and Pm 3.66 have no effect. 


that is so ridiculous





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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-26, 13:36 PM

it is just sad, how lenovo has been handling this so far. For me personally the noise isn't a big issue, but the excessive overheating and subsequent CPU throttling when under 100% load for longer period could (I think) be improved by better fan and cooling system.




p.s. 100 pages!?!


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-26, 21:09 PM

@ Mark_Lenovo: We are waiting since nearly one year for a fix. It is unbelievable that just opening my browser fan sounds like a turbine and doesn't calm down. Any update from the so-called "Engineering"?


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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-27, 15:59 PM

Same here. The biggest  diappointment is that this issue is hanging in the air for almost a year now. I won't wait another month for this to be resolved. I just got the Thinkpad 420s and was actually very happy until this fan issue came appearent. I was debating for weeks if I should switch from a Thinkpad/Linux system to an Apple product. Now I know better. I will have to leave Lenovo. My first Thinkpad was a 760ed. I purchased a Thinkpad every 2/3 years. Lenovo you lost a long time loyal  costumer! Very disappointing ...


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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-27, 22:03 PM

I got the next bad news. 

Today I ran a virtual machine on my T420s and after some time I noticed the typical smell of hot electronics. I turned off the background music und realized that the fan of my T420s completely stopped spinning after having been running on 4k for some hours. 

Even TPfancontrol and several reboots couldn't bring it back to life. 

Right now the machine is cooling down. I'll let you know how this develops. Possibly the fan kicked the bucket. Maybe this is going to be a motivation for Lenovo to fix this issue.


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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-27, 22:44 PM

The same thing happened to my T420s a few weeks after purchase.  Fan spun loudly and then stopped.  At that point, the machine makes a great paperweight until the fan is replaced.  I am on my 2nd fan, love the machine , and unfortunately learning to live with the noise and breeze.  I did notice that the fan was not as loud and did not run as long until I installed additional memory, but that could be anecdotal.

What really irritates me is that Lenovo has not shown any interest in getting a fix to people buying top end machines.  We buy these for a reason, but that reason is eroding quickly.  A Dell XPS is getting pretty attractive, isn't it??


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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-03-27, 22:59 PM
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