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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-09-18, 10:08 AM

Hello guys,

Sad owners of the T420 and T420s... Just to keep you posted on the last T and W series models (not 's...) of Lenovo which are crazy noisy too.


Personally, I worked on the T430 for some days and now it has been sent back to Lenov and I feel fine. 


Note: the damages (moral, physical, etc.) provoked on the users by a noisy [and expensive!] machine could be easily be a case for a legal action... 


No more Lenovo for me too and I will definitely pass the word to any guys I know.








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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-09-30, 0:40 AM
I recently received a T420 and after testing it out for a few days, it appears mine is also afflicted with fan speed issues. Most of the discussion here seems to be about excessive fan speed when unnecessary.

My experience has been the same, with the fan running at maximum (or at least very high) speed starting from boot up and staying at that speed regardless of system load or the Lenovo power settings (e.g. fan speed stays maxed on max battery setting). I've only powered it up maybe 10 times and it has happened twice.

It sounds like this issue was never been resolved by Lenovo, and the most commonly accepted solution is with TPFan Control. Am I correct?

I find the excessive fan speed intolerable and if I am to encounter it 20% of the time then it is a dealbreaker. That such a problem exists and persists is truly an engineering failure by Lenovo. The 5-year old HP notebook the T420 is intended to replace runs quieter when maxed out.

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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-01, 12:05 PM

After a year of tolerating fan issues and trying to resolve (work around it) with TPFan I have finally decided to give up from this pile of poor engineering decision and get a new laptop. From another manufacturer of course. Good news is that from this point on, the whole company will steer clear from Lenovo and are in the process of choosing another vendor for both laptop and desktop machines for the period of next four years.


Out of 30pcs of T420s units we bought all of them are suffering from the same "non existent" issue that Lenovo "can not replicate". These are not budget devices and most of them are given to the higher management who have on numerous occasions been asked to shut them down during meetings because of the noise.


Making a mistake is acceptable but claiming that this issue does not exist is insulting to the customers and Lenovo deserves nothing else but to be avoided till quality is back on track and HUGE improvements are made with customer support.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-01, 20:03 PM

Padthinker - correct.  This issue was never resolved and has not been addressed since Mark_Lenovo took over the issue from another support person who left the company in late December 2011.  Lenovo has basically told us to pound sand. 


Yup, I'm a bit bitter about my experience here.  But now I'm ready to move on.  That is, to move on to an Ultrabook from S_ms_ng.  It comes highly recommended from another T420s owner who was on this thread.   Funny too because this person made every effort to help Lenovo fix the fan issue but in the end was ignored. 





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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-02, 9:23 AM
That's disappointing to hear. I was warming up to the T420 (no pun intended) and I had always regarded Thinkpads as reliable and well-engineered tools. If it's true the latest generation suffers from the same problems, then I don't think I will ever buy a Thinkpad. Then again, from what I have read, previous iterations of the Thinkpads have had the same issues, although there seems to be plenty of users content with jimmy-rigging solutions (e.g. Ubuntu forums, Linux users, etc.)

Does TPFan work effectively to control the fan speed? I would give it a go if it remedied the situation, before swearing off the T420 entirely.

Pity that there are no affordable alternative business calibre notebooks here in Australia. HP and Dell are more than twice the price...

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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-02, 13:22 PM
My T420 doesn't have any fan noise issue.

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-02, 15:10 PM

lead_org: This thread is mostly for the T420s :) My T420s used to have the fan problem but when I got a replacement, it didn't have the fan problem anymore.  It actually regulates itself properly and only spins up when the temperature is above a certain level.  Then it promptly spins down when it's cooled down.


On the other hand, I have a T420 at work and this one has an extremely loud fan that actually whines when it revs up. At least it regulates itself properly, so it only makes noise when it's spinning.

Lenovo won't acknowledge the problem so our IT department hasn't been able to get it replaced.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-04, 10:25 AM



I am very satisfied with TPFANcontrol so far. It keeps the system absolutely silent during normal tasks (surfing, writing etc) while still revving up the fan when needed to keep it cool (VMware, watching HD content..)

If you like I could post my configuration.


But nevertheless I feel betrayed because letting the system run at a minimal cpu temperature of 45°C (who knows if there aren't any higher temperatures just not sensored?) will certainly decrease lifespan. But hey, Lenovo provoked that and I still got a decent amount of warranty time left so what.....


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-04, 11:00 AM


I have been following this saga about fan noise and I can't help it but being dismayed at the apparent lack of an adequate and timely answer to the problem from Lenovo, even though my system (T-510) is not affected by it.


I read that some people manage to gauge the internal temperature of their systems an I wonder how that is achieved. Does it require using some specific software?


Thanks in advance for any help on this subject.










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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2012-10-04, 13:23 PM

I have T420 (6 months old) and T420s (2 weeks old) in everyday use and have not seen this problem so far. 

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