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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-13, 19:48 PM

peednus: That doesn't fix anything. What you're describing is a completely separate issue, as reading the previous pages in this thread (which describe the problem(s) in excruciating detail) would reveal.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-13, 20:46 PM

I hope this problem gets fixed for the T420i owners as wel. They're basically the same models, but T42i has slightly lower end processors (less gHZ). My fan starts running noticeably the instant I boot up my laptop. It stays very cool, but I wouldn't mind a sacrifice of temperature for a little less noise.... Please get this fixed soon. And I know this is offtopic, but what should I do if my control key keeps getting jammed up. I bought my T420i about a month ago. I love the keyboard, just the ctrl key does not press all the way all the time. I'm not going ot send the system just so they can look at the key. Can I somehow do it myself? Sorry again for the slight offtopicness, thanks!!


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Betreff: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-13, 21:08 PM


I just bought a T420s (4174-PEG) a couple of days ago and ... well you know why I found this thread. I updated everything to the latest version (BIOS 1.29, Power Manager 3.64) but the only time the fan is off is when I put the machine to "maximum battery lifetime" profile and turn off WiFi. When I start to use more than 2 apps, the fan begins to spin although with acceptable noise. By putting the machine to a higher profile, the fan begins to spin more with unacceptable noise in comparison to what I'm doing (surfing (no flash!), programming python, ...)


I hope there will be some fix in t he near future.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-13, 21:43 PM

My t420s with i7 and the nvs4200 Seems to be running cooler after the updates. In fact, the temperature in the few hours before the update was in the low 60s. After it was immediately in the low 30s (both temps on AC power). It must have been the nvidia update. Everything's better though it's still not as cool quiet as when I first got it from the factory (before I originally updated all the drivers about 2 months after receiving the laptop).

Actually, it didn't resolve the issue for me. My fan is constantly blowing at 4000k when hovering around 41C temp. That can't be right. That's not how it was when I first got my T420s (before upgrading all the drivers later on).


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-14, 5:38 AM

Right on the money Jimstuckman.  Peednus:  Appreciate your help, but after 6 months and hundreds of posts by skilled computer people, we'd have to be the dumbest people on earth to have missed a solution as simple as adjusting the power settings. Lenovo has generated a severe hardware defect and that is the unavoidable reality at this point.


The fan is driving me nuts. Hurry up Lenovo.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-14, 7:47 AM

Just a little input on the topic, even though it's a little off topic. 


I did some video transcoding last week-end using Badaboom 2.0 from nVidia. I just wanted to see how GPGPU application behaves on the T420s with the nVidia CUDA compatible graphics. 


I must say it did rather well. Converting 720p videos with AC3 to DVD quality stero movies in less than an hour. 


But here it comes: I had my T420s docked into the 3-series dockingstation and IT WENT VERY VERY hot: 97°C with peaks at 99° C for both CPU and GPU according to HWInfo. 

This is mad, isn't it? 


I took the laptop out of the dockingstation and put its rear on a book so that there's some air flow underneeth. temperature didn't drop significantly. It stayed at 93° 

I decided to take out some 120mm fans I had laying around and put the laptop on them. That made some change. The temperature under full load went down to 70 - 75°C, which is better. 


I shut down TPFancontrol before doing that transcoding job, but the fan didn't go any higher that 4600 RPM, also strange isn't it? 


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-14, 16:45 PM



How long were these encoding jobs running?


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-14, 17:11 PM



Jamez accidentially posted the bios update 1.30 for t420s in the  "T420 fan noise" thread.


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-14, 18:15 PM


hell yeah!


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Re: T420s Fan noise Issue

2011-11-14, 18:16 PM

The question is whether it works or not!  I just installed it - will take it for a test run today...

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